They’re doing it. Again.

As I mentioned in week 1, it’s becoming routine for ‘Bama to play their first game against a big-named school. We Auburn fans get our hopes up that the big-name school will knock them off. And then the game starts, and the big-name school brings a little boy game, and ‘Bama blows them out.

Why do we act like this? It’s an inferiority complex. Auburn has trailed ‘Bama – academically, athletically, any measure you want to use – since the inception of the universities. It’s like the big brother that has just enough age on the little brother that it’s rare for the little brother to win a matchup. Then big brother starts insulting little brother, such as Bear Bryant calling Auburn a “cow college.”

Which brings us back to the constant wishing of bad things on the rival. For the 2017 season, ‘Bama again has a big name on the slate for week 1 – Florida State. Barring a disaster of Biblical proportions, FSU will be a national title contender. So Auburn fans will watch, hoping that the bully brother meets the bigger school bully and gets his butt kicked for once.

On to this week’s games….

‘Bama at Misipi – No matter what my heart wishes for, there’s no way ‘Bama loses this matchup 3 years in a row. The Evil Empire 31, Frozen Rebels 17

Texas State at Ar-Kansas – OK, so I downgraded the Hogs a bit too much after week 1. This game won’t tell us anything about them though. Pigs 45, TSU 3

North Texas at Florida – So UF has an offense now. More fine-tuning this week against a directional school. Lizards 42, NTU 10

New Mexico State at Kentucky – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Briars 40, NMSU 10

Misipi St at LSU – These bulldogs look like the early leader for schizoid team of the SEC. I don’t think they will be able to contain Fornette. LSU 28, Misipi St 13

Georgia at Missouri – I’m not going to overreact to the scare from Nichols St. Not against these guys. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 38, Mizzou 7

East Carolina at South Carolina – ECU looks like they can score a bunch. That’s a problem for a team with a struggling offense. Upset special. ECU 27, Fightin’ Chickens 24

Ohio at Tennessee – OU has some weapons, but not on this level. Vols 41, Ohio 24

Vanderbilt at Georgia Tech – Don’t let last week’s score fool you. Vandy is terrible. Ga. Tech 27, Vandy 16

Texas A&M at Auburn – One of the bigger upsets last year was Auburn’s win at College Station. Fun fact: Since the Aggies joined the SEC in 2012, the road team has won this matchup every year. Kevin Steele has the Auburn defense ahead of schedule, and that breaks the trend this year. WAR EAGLE 31, Aggies 27

Eastern Michigan at Charlotte – After a year, we finally get a win. EMU gave up 60 to freaking Missouri. Party time, 2-game winning streak! 49ers 31, EMU 30

Last week’s record: 10-2
Season: 17-7