The schedule gets a little tighter this week. After there being only 2 games that were ever in question going into last week, we have 3 or 4 this week, depending on your opinion on several teams. Now that the hurricane is over and Hollywood starlets are done declaring hurricanes are God’s punishment for who we elected as President last year, we can really get into the more important business of football.

Colorado St at ‘Bama – CSU hasn’t done much since their coach left for the swamp. Another game to get the backups some time. The Evil Empire 38, CSU 10

Tennessee at Florida – One of the intriguing matchups. We know UT has no defense and UF has no offense. I wonder which one will give. UT has offense and UF has decent defense, if they aren’t on the field for 45 minutes. I think that D falls a little short. Vols 24, Lizards 17

Samford at Georgia – This is not one of the intriguing matchups. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 47, Samford 6

Misipi at California – Intriguing? Depends on how much you like West Coast stuff. Or how far you think Misipi has fallen off the cliff. Communist Bears 34, Rebels 28

LSU at Misipi St – We really don’t know much about MSU yet. We know LSU is the same team they have been the past 100 years or so. You can tell by the results. LSU 27, Jerry Clower U 16

Purdue at Missouri – Game 3, and one team is already on their second defensive coordinator. Not a good sign. Purdue 31, Mizzou 10

Kentucky at South Carolina – Here we have the most intriguing matchup. Is UK finally ready to contend? Are the ‘Cocks really this far ahead of schedule in the rebuild? This one should be fun to watch. Fightin’ Chickens 27, Briars 23

Louisiana-Lafayette at Texas A&M – It really is a shame how some fan boys (AKA boosters) forget that these are real men, with real lives and real families, and to publicly call them out just for kicks. You really want to root against schools like that. Too bad it’s going to be a few weeks before a peer can beat the snot out of them. A&M 38, ULL 7

Kansas St at Vanderbilt – Here comes the Little 10 again! I got to taste some purple wrath last week at Kansas St, and here comes Vandy with their spread offense. Cannot get used to saying that. Well, I came away from Manhattan KS very impressed. We’ll see if I’m just looking through green & gold glasses. KSU 31, Vandy 23

Mercer at Auburn – We should finally be able to fine-tune the offense and get the first of 2 glorified bye weeks today. I still think it’s entirely possible to get to the Iron Bowl at 10-1. This will not be a loss, we know that. WAR EAGLE 55, Mercer 10

BONUS: NC A&T at Charlotte – My school gets their break with a weak FCS team. Our defense has actually only surrendered 58 total points to E Michigan and Kansas St. This is a nice game to work on the offense. 49ers 37, NC Aggies 7

Last week’s record: 13-0
Season: 26-2