During the never-ending debate about the length of the NFL preseason, eventually someone in favor of a shorter preseason says, “College football has no preseason!” The counter-argument is, “Yeah, and look how sloppy week 1 is, with all the penalties and stuff and whatnot.” Both statements are true. But, even with the rust, I’ll take it. I did not watch a single minute of live preseason NFL football this year. But I was glued to my PC and phone from noon until midnight Saturday, outside of the times I had to tend to my wife and her chronic health conditions. NFL, go to 18 games and reduce the insomnia-curing preseason games to 2!
So as the NFL prepares to open, we look at SEC week 2.
Ar-Kansas State at ‘Bama – The school that for about 4 years was the stepping stone for guys to get major college jobs has been remarkably consistent. But App State has taken over the Sun Belt and this other ASU is back to just going out for paycheck games. Coach CBC (that’s Clinched Butt Cheeks, my nickname for Saban) still hasn’t decided who his QB is. He has time to decide. The Evil Empire 47, Ar-Kansas State 13
Nevada at Vanderbilt – Mason seems to have found some offense. This week is a step up in class from last week, but still not elite. Be competitive next week against Touchdown Jesus and we’ll talk. Vandy 34, The Other Wolf Pack 17
Misipi State at Kansas State – KSU was losing to South Dakota heading into the 4th quarter last week. They will be losing heading into the 4ththis week too. By a lot. Jerry Clower U 44, KSU 12
Georgia at South Carolina – If you want to be entertained, and don’t mind Gamecock homerism, follow “Tater Hater” on Twitter. He’ll have you thinking SC is going to win this week. He’s a good friend of mine, but I can’t bring myself to back him up on this one. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 31, Fightin’ Chickens 23
East Tennessee State at Tennessee – ETSU funds its football program and Pruitt gets his first win. Rocky Bottom 38, ETSU 7
Southern Illinois at Misipi – Don’t believe the press clippings. Do something when The Evil Empire comes calling next week and we’ll talk. Misipi 52, SIU 14
Wyoming at Missouri – With their stud QB now in Buffalo, Wyoming went run-heavy to beat New Mexico State. This offense is a liiiiiiiiiiiiitlebetter. Mizzou 37, Wyoming 14
Southeastern Louisiana at LSU – Another team that gets a breather before a major test (at Auburn) in week 3. LSU 38, SELU 3
Clempson at Texas A&M – Up there with UGA-SC for game of the week. Dabo seems to have figured Jimbo out. I expect that to continue. Clempson 31, A&M 24
Ar-Kansas at Colorado State – The Rams gave up 43 points in a loss to Hawaii. This could get extremely ugly. Pigs 55, CSU 21
Kentucky at Florida – UK led Central Michigan 21-20 at halftime last week. This ain’t Central Michigan. Lizards 45, Briers 16
Alabama State at Auburn – And now Auburn gets its breather before LSU rolls into town next week. This is a good week to get that O-line some experience and those running backs a chance to sort out the pecking order. WAR EAGLE 44, Alabama State 13
Appalachian State at Charlotte – Let’s see here…. App State has parlayed their Michigan win and 3 FCS titles to a move to FBS, 3 straight bowl wins, and an OT loss at Penn State. Charlotte has started a program from scratch, moved to FBS in year 3, went 1-11 in year 5 and didn’t put Fordham away until the second half. This WILL get very ugly very quickly. Hopefully the lessons learned will help beat a down Old Dominion team next week. App State 54, 49ers 9
Last week’s record: 15-0