Nothing like hyperbole, is there? After the first week of the year, people overreact. It happens in every sport. Many think Indiana has finally built a good enough team to contend in the Big 14, and they were winning against Ohio State for a good while. Then the Fightin’ Nuts put a whuppin’ on in the second half to win big. The guy on the CBS Sports website who calculates the Bottom 25 each week put Indiana in his rankings. Oh, yeah, there’s no overreaction there. The only way that gets justified is if OSU gets drilled at Oklahoma this week. I expect OSU to win a close game.

The next few days should provide interesting theater, as far as the weather is concerned. IF things go as forecasted, the SEC could be spared from Irma. Last year, I know a lot of people were upset, but I loved watching the NC State-Notre Dame game played right in the middle of the Hurricane Matthew monsoon.

On to this week’s games.

Fresno St at ‘Bama – There’s no guy named Carr at QB, so the Tide will have their 5th-string guys in by the third quarter. The Evil Empire 59, Fresno St 0

TCU at Ar-Kansas – Here comes the Roman Numeral Conference again. TCU is a typical program there – all offense and no defense. They are still running that Texas A&M reject out to play QB. I’m not sure we will learn much about either team in this game. This is a pure guess. Purple Frogs XXXI, Pigs XXX (In other words, the score will be 31-30.)

Northern Colorado at Florida – You can bet your last dollar it will be even more than 27 years before UF agrees to exit Florida for a non-conference game again. Lizards 44, NCU 3

Georgia at Notre Dame – UGA lost their QB, but their backup looks like he’s better anyway. Traditional media, who are not only 90% Democrat but apparently at least 66% Catholic, salivate and scream “THEY’RE BACK!!!!!” whenever the Irish win a game, even against a weak opponent like Temple. Win this week and we’ll talk. So I guess we won’t be talking. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 28, Not Really Fighting Irish 17

Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky – These guys are going to be feeling themselves at 2-0. Let’s see after they play a peer next week. Briars 47, EKU 6

UT Chattanooga at LSU – Very soft opening schedule for Coach O. LSU 30, UTC 0

UT Martin at Misipi – Speaking of soft openings, Misipi gets the school with Auburn’s uniform and my high school’s mascot. Rebels 56, Skyhawks 7

Misipi St at Louisiana Tech – LTU is an annual contender in the conference of my Charlotte 49ers, Conference USA. That’s roughly equivalent to being about the 18th-best school in the 14-team SEC. Jerry Clower U 34, LTU 17

South Carolina at Missouri – SC scored 35 on supposed ACC contender NC State. Mizzou gave up 43 points to an FCS team. If you love playing pinball, this is the game of the week. Fightin’ Chickens 52, Mizzou 49

Indiana St at Tennessee – the Who Cares Game of the Week. Vols 42, Larry Bird U 0

Nicholls St at Texas A&M – Kevin Sumlin has a game where he can forget he’s fighting for his job. Aggies 37, NSU 3

Alabama A&M at Vanderbilt – AA&M got drilled by AUB in UAB’s first game in 3 years. Vandy might be better than I thought but nothing to write Nashville about. And they’re running a spread offense. That’s about as normal-looking as Garfield giving Odie the last piece of lasagna. Vandy 44, AA&M 3

Auburn at Clemson – This is easily the toughest game to call this week. If the storm turns right early and speeds up, this game could end up being played in a big swimming pool. Last year’s game was supposed to be a lynching, but ended up 19-13 as Auburn’s defense made its first of many good performances. This year’s D is even better, and we now have a QB. But the game is at their place. I think those factors cancel each other out and the result is the exact, same game. Clempson 19, war eagle 13

BONUS: Charlotte at Kansas St – As I wrote earlier in the week, this is a paycheck game for my school as well as a favor to the former KSU player we have as a coach. I like where our program is headed, but we’re still well short of being on the same level with any top 25 team yet. Kansas St IL, 49ers VII (In other words, the score will be 49-7.)

Last week’s record: 13-2