See, I told you! ‘Bama-Florida State was about 3 weeks ago, and here we are at the last full weekend of games. It’s amazing how fast football season goes.
Now for the really fun stuff. I have noticed that some games involving true rivals are being played earlier than this week, and I don’t get that. When Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1990, it was decided that Michigan State would be their rival. Of course they played several weeks ago. Duke and North Carolina played in September. Bedlam was 2 weeks ago, as was LUS and Ar-Kansas. Just a little goofy.
Misipi at Misipi St (Thur.) – This one is known as the Egg Bowl. Misipi has over-achieved, and could go bowling with a win. Well, maybe next year. Jerry Clower U 38, Misipi 28
Missouri at Ar-Kansas – Why this is on the last week of the year is anybody’s guess. Missouri is on a serious roll, especially offensively. The Hogs are just plain offensive. Mizzou 40, Pigs 21
Florida St at Florida – Neither team going bowling thanks to lost games in the hurricane. Had those been played, this game would have been played for a bowl berth. That would at least have made it interesting. As it is, there’s no real reason to watch. After a brief stay out of reality, UF comes back in. FSU 26. Lizards 19
Georgia at Georgia Tech – A storied game with 2 teams that aren’t even close to each other. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 37, Little Insects 14
Louisville at Kentucky – Last year, UK caught the Cards sulking after a bad loss knocked them out of the playoffs. No such sulking today, and Louisville has the better QB. Cards 30, Briars 21
Texas A&M at LSU – Sumlin was told, by some wealthy A&M grad who thinks his bank account gives him hire & fire authority, that he’s out unless he wins 10 games. He won’t, and getting a final game against a team on a roll might hasten the change. LUS 33, Aggies 24
Clempson at South Carolina – Hate picking this game. I hate the ACC, I hate Dabo, and I hate the gap left between these schools since Spurrier was planning his exit out the Williams-Brice Stadium back door. Clempson 34, Fightin’ Chickens 13
Vanderbilt at Tennessee – If these weren’t SEC schools, I’d tell them to drop down to FCS. Maybe I will anyway; neither of them deserve to be in the SEC. Vandy 19, Rocky Bottom 14.
‘Bama at Auburn – Really working to stay objective. UGA has 100 RBs, and we shut them down. ‘Bama has 100 RBs, and a QB that runs well. Auburn has a great pass rush, and a secondary that is full of holes. Auburn has 100 RBs, and ‘Bama has a crew of injured defenders. The game is at Auburn. ‘Bama (I’m about to be sick) has better coaching. I have been trying since the end of the UGA game to convince myself this is one of those rare games that is going to go our way, but I just can’t do it. Jalen Hurts is going to do something in the last 2 minutes to destroy our dreams. The Evil Empire 28, war eagle 27
BONUS: Florida Atlantic at Charlotte – The one consolation I have here is knowing that the self-important, self-promoting FAU coach will not be in C-USA next year, and FAU will be the team that lost to Charlotte in 2016. FAU 49, Charlotte 14
Last week’s record: 8-2

Season: 90-23