It’s put-up-or-shut-up time around the country. Can Michigan State actually win the Big 14 East? Is it TCU or Oklahoma in the Little 10? Is Wisconsin and its Division 12 schedule going to get any love? Where in the wide world of sports did Iowa come from and can they make a season out of that big win? Here in the SEC, after UGA got installed as #1 in the first CFP rankings, people are diving off the crimson bandwagon in droves. How bad off are they, really? And can Auburn finally do something against its two main rivals? Let’s see what the ol’ crystal ball says.

‘Bama at Misipi St – My opinion? They’re just as menacing as they were prior to last Tuesday. Dan Mullen should win SEC coach of the year. But not for this game. The Evil Empire 27, Jerry Clower U 13

Ar-Kansas at LSU – Hung with ‘Bama but fell short, as expected. Back at home, this game shouldn’t be that much of a problem. LUS 34, Pigs 20

Louisiana-Lafayette at Misipi – Have you watched Coach Luke on the sidelines? He stomps around with a scowl on his face and the whole thing is very amusing to me. Hopefully one of his assistants has a lithium for him once this game gets out of hand. Misipi 43, ULL 10

Tennessee at Missouri – Mizzou is still terrible, but they can score lots of points. UT is terrible, and can’t score any points. Seems obvious. Mizzou 37, Rocky Bottom 16

Florida at South Carolina – One can only wonder if the UF brass is trying to talk the ol’ ball coach into coming out of retirement. Fightin’ Chickens 27, Lizards 23

New Mexico at Texas A&M – Finally, a game for Aggie fans to remember life back in the stone ages, when they had a dominant team. A&M 33, Wolves 10

Kentucky at Vanderbilt – If Vandy wins 2 of its last 3, they go bowling. They’re all winnable. Fine, that would leave them stuck with their mediocre coach for another year. Kentucky has blown 3 winnable games already. No reason to think they’ll stop now. Vandy 34, Briars 31  

Georgia at Auburn – Auburn hasn’t beaten UGA or ‘Bama since the championship game season of 2013. This is the best defense since the undefeated ’04 team. The problem is, UGA is just too deep at running back, and they will probably run for 150 yards in the 4th quarter alone. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 27, war eagle 13

BONUS: Middle Tennessee at Charlotte – Well, my guys are now playing competitive games. This is another team they usually get destroyed by. I say we don’t this time, although the outcome will not change. MTSU 27, 49ers 17

Last week’s record: 8-2

Season: 75-19