My intro this week was going to be reaction to the College Football Playoff rankings. But things at Maryland made that less important. Maryland initially made the single worst decision in the history of the sport of football by allowing the AD and head coach to return to the school after an investigation into the death of a player revealed that 5,000-year-old cavemen were more mentally developed than the head coach and (especially) the strength coach.  Several players walked out of the first meeting. Fortunately, logic and compassion won out and the coach was fired. Hopefully the rest of the college football world has learned that you can push your players very hard, but their health and lives should NEVER be at risk. Now let’s look at some games.
‘Bama at LSU – Supposedly a clash of Titans. Nobody has been within 2 TDs of the top dog. The other titan got whipped by Florida. I think the hype is from people who just want to have hope that every game the top team plays isn’t a blowout. They’ll get their wish – for 3 quarters. Then reality sets in. Reality makes my stomach turn. The Evil Empire 24, LSU 3
Missouri at Florida – The More Western Tigers should have had the big upset last week. I expect a hangover. Lizards 31, Mizzou 13
South Carolina at Misipi – This SC team is the hardest to predict in the conference. The holes in the Rebels defense is the easiest thing to predict in the conference. That makes picking the game easier. Fightin’ Chickens 33, Misipi 28
Louisiana Tech at Misipi State – Hey, look, a Conference USA team funding their football program in exchange for a whupping. I think there are other occurrences. Jerry Clower U 37, LTU 10
Georgia at Kentucky – The winner wins the SEC East. The loser ties Florida for second, but both of them beat Florida. It’s been a nice run for the blue guys, but they aren’t ready for this. Big Ol’ Hairy Dawgs 37, Briers 7
Texas A&M at Auburn – Jimmy-Joe-Bill-Bob and Co. came crashing down last week at Starkville. Auburn can relate. Fun fact: Since A&M joined the SEC for the 2012 season, the road team has won all six of the A&M-Auburn games. I predict the streak continues. And yes, this is my pathetic attempt to buy a win. A&M 26, war eagle 13
Charlotte at Tennessee – I read a C-USA preview in the summer that said of the predicted 4 worst teams, “2 are starting over (read: new head coaches). The other two might be next season.” My school was one of the latter. Clearly, everyone thought something similar to last year’s 1-11 was on tap, as was a coaching change. With a rebound to at least 4 wins, a coaching change is highly unlikely. The staff finally learned to start recruiting some of those Florida track stars that play football, and it’s starting to pay dividends. While a bowl is highly unlikely, a chance to match the best win total (5) is real. What is not real? A win over a middle-of-the-road SEC team. We shudda scheduled Ar-Kansas. Rocky Top 45, 49ers10
Last week’s record: 3-3
Season: 69-16