These are things I think about when I’m sitting at home alone and the power goes out…

  • I counted it up – I’ve lived in 23 different places in my life (places I have lived multiple times, such as UNCC campus and The Timbers, count only once). There’s this owl that is hooting in a familiar pattern right now. That owl has lived outside my bedroom window in every one of the 23 locations I have lived in my life. Why is this one owl following me everywhere???????
  • We have another hurricane headed toward the southeastern US. If you’re in its path, please stay safe. And try to tune out all the “THIS PROVES I, AND ONLY I, AM RIGHT ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING AND ANYONE WHO DISAGREES WITH MY ACTION PLAN IS EVIL” bloviating that will ensue as soon as it passes.
  • Speaking of storms, I wish I could remember the name of the comedian I heard make this crack. He was talking about a recent tornado that had destroyed a mobile home park, and some of the now-homeless residents told the media, “Well, we’re gonna rebuild.” The comedian said, “C’mon, people! How many people have to die before we finally understand that God hates mobile homes?” Kinda seems that way, doesn’t it? I know if I lived in a tornado-prone place like Ohio, Missouri or Oklahoma, that’s the last kind of structure I’d want to live in.
  • I wonder who puts together the piped-in music package where I donate plasma. I wonder because a super-slow ballad like “Still” by The Commodores is probably not a good selection for 6:15 AM. Could put a lot of people to sleep, even the ones standing up. If you gotta play The Commodores, go with “Brick House” instead.
  • Here’s another one of those amusing tales from my days as a bank customer service rep. A guy had been given a check that bounced when he deposited it. He called us to check before depositing again. So when I answered the call with the usual ‘how can I help you’ line, he said, “Yeah, I’d like to see if this check has turned from rubber to paper.” Fortunately for him, funds were available. Of course he said, “OK, let me get to a branch before he f***s it up again.” LOL!
  • I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “that stinks to high heaven!” I’ve always wondered about that. The adjective “high” indicates there are multiple heavens. Are there two – high and low heaven? Maybe there are three – high, middle and low heaven? Too bad I have to wait until I die to find out.
  • Football season is here, thank God. Let’s go Panthers!
  • I saw this on Twitter the other day and really like it:

How to reduce STRESS

  1. don’t respond to negativity
  2. be a better friend
  3. visualize, then action
  4. give without expecting a get
  5. random acts of kindness
  6. spend quality time with family
  7. stay active
  8. eat healthier
  9. read and write more
  10. write ‘thank you’ notes