From off the top of my head, and other strange places….
·     In some recent web browsing, I came across this nugget by Karol Markowicz, writer for the New York Post. “We’re angry, lashing out online and in videos… We’re treating each other like we’re in a video game, swiping on faces and forming virtual mobs to attack anyone who says anything we don’t like.” One of my top prayers for 2019 is that we all stop behaving like this.
·      Markowicz wrote some interesting columns in 2018, including a looming lack of sex crisis and a very entertaining smackdown of modern feminism.
·    I have to give props to whoever came up with the idea to have an NHL hockey game outdoors on New Year’s Day. It’s been quite a success. This year, Boston and Chicago are playing under Touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame.
·    You may want to ask me, “Hey, J, what are your New Year’s resolutions?” I refuse to make them. With my birthday in late February, I choose that day to make my goals for the coming year. It’s great because everyone else has already abandoned their resolutions by February 22, so I have no lines to fight if my goals involve commerce. For example, if I set a physical fitness goal, about 99% of the people who made “go to the gym” as a New Year’s resolution have quit by then, and space at the gym is plentiful. 😊
·   Anyone else notice that if you watch any TV program live, that program has about 4 commercials assigned to it, and you will have to endure those 4 commercials about 50 times each? And media execs still sit in their offices and can’t figure out why no one wants traditional TV packages anymore.
·   Speaking of media execs, they think we’re all stupid. Here’s how you tell: When a commercial comes on, the louder the volume and / or the greater the connection to sex, the stupider the advertiser thinks you are.
·     I was a huge M*A*S*H fan. In 2019, people having their 35th birthday had not yet been born when the last episode aired. I think I’m gettin’ old.
·       While it’s true I’m gettin’ old, I don’t want to become a “Get Off My Lawn Guy,” constantly bickering about how everyone younger than me is doing everything wrong. But I do want the younger folks to raise their game in one way: Do not start your day with the objective of finding something to be offended about. I know your leaders (teachers, politicians, heads of civic organizations, etc.) strongly encourage you to always be on the lookout for offensive things and call them out, and preach that you must find any avenue to portray yourself as a victim. However, I hope you will instead assume people are good until they prove they are not, and when you do see differences, to listen to them and discuss without any demonizing, name-calling and attempting to prevent them from voicing that different opinion. Life is short. Don’t waste it trying to police everyone else.