This is the 100th post of this blog. The viewing stats say only a handful of people actually read this. So what am I doing and why am I doing it?

I’ve made several attempts to write regularly over the years, because I think I’m fairly good at it. I can be outrageous and sarcastic, and I do tend to say what others think or whisper. I believe I can hold people’s attention. Toastmasters taught me that.

I have a reputation around the corporate buildings as “the company conscience.” Whether it be at the quarterly Open Forum where employees get to hear from the CEO and ask her questions, or the comment section on a number of articles on the internal company portal, I have asked direct questions that have had colleagues saying, “You know you could get fired for talking like that.” My response is usually, “Obviously. NC is an at-will work state, so if my manger walks in and thinks I have the world’s ugliest hairdo, he could fire me for that if he wanted to.” So it’s not that I come into a situation with guns blazing. But I do think if a question needs to be asked, I have no problem being the one that asks.

After one time where I made one of those comments that everyone was thinking and no one was saying too loudly in public, I had a co-worker tell me that I really should do some major writing – a short story, a book, something more in-depth than a blog. It was around that time that I really started making an effort to post on this blog regularly, even if I only had 7 followers. I do enjoy writing, but so far have lacked the stamina to stick it out and write something more substantial. Maybe after my career change that will develop. (That was a teaser; there will be a post on that a few weeks down the road.)

Most social media gurus would tell me to blog only about 1 subject, then everyone interested in that subject will flock to my blog. But my goal isn’t to have the most-viewed blog in the world. My goal is simply to have a blog where I can express my views on whatever is top-of-mind – being an administrative professional, debating the political issue of the day, Libertarianism, my favorite sports teams and why I take them too personally at times (but never to the point of threatening others about it), or just random, un-connected thoughts.

To the handful of people that are following this journey, thank you – although I would appreciate it if you left a comment or three. 😊 And if you find what you read entertaining, informative, or anything else of a positive vibe, feel free to tell your friends. One of the advantages of having a big mouth is never running out of things to say.