Short leashes – There are several coaches who look like they are in over their heads, with space cadet front offices that don’t understand the economic concept of sunk costs. Chief among these are Bruce Arians (Arizona), Bob McAdoo (Giants), Hue Jackson (Cleveland) and Chuck Pagano (Indy). Dirk Koetter & Tampa have grossly underachieved, and the same could be said of Ron Rivera and the Panthers. Kyle Shannahan and the 49ers get a pass at this point, because it’s the first season for the leadership team and the cupboard was extremely bare. Even if the Jets don’t win another game, their leadership team has likely been spared because they have over-achieved. But I would say Arians, McAdoo, Jackson and Pagano are fairly certain to be fired. While not necessarily in eminent danger, Koetter and Rivera should keep their heads on a swivel if the ship sinks any further.

Turning the corner at last? After crushing the rest of the league each of the last 2 free agency periods, it appears that Jax finally has a football team that can stay in the fight. Most believe they will be in the market for a new QB next year. At the rate they’re going, they aren’t going to be picking until the mid-teens and all the super-stud QBs will be gone.
Yes, sir, Captain! If you want several good laughs in your day, follow Captain Andrew Luck on Twitter. No, it’s not the real Andrew Luck, it’s some guy who is posing as if he’s Andrew Luck in the midst of the Civil War. Reprising the recent heated exchange between T.Y. Hilton and the Colts offensive line, Captain Luck tweeted, “Dearest Mother – as you’ll read through the news service, Cpl. Hilton cast aspersions on the unit front line. Disheartening. – Andrew” It gets better. The Captain then rose to defend Hilton. “Dearest Mother – Cpl. Hilton is a damn fine man and soldier. Battle fatigue and frustrations are only natural in long campaigns – Andrew” I look forward to this stuff every day.
Whatever it is, it’s spreading – Of course the Panthers have key injuries – Greg Olsen, Ryan Kalil, Luke Kuechly, Kurt Coleman. The Hornets are having a very hard team finding 5 bodies to put in the uniforms to play games. Somebody up there doesn’t like us very much.
Power Rankings
1.       Philadelphia – Only team with 1 loss, so they get the top spot.
2.       New England – Defense coming along.
3.       Kansas City – Never should have been in the spot for the refs to give the game to the Raiders.
4.       LA Rams – Hey, these guys are for real. What they have done with Goff is amazing.
5.       Dallas – As long as Zeke plays, they win. As soon as Zeke sits, they drop like a stone.
6.       Seattle – The ball is (Jesus) juiced.
7.       New Orleans – OK, they’re legit. How it pains me to say that.
8.       Pittsburgh – See #2 above.
9.       Minnesota – Could they possibly pull a 2000 Ravens or 2002 Bucs and go all the way with a bad QB?
10.   Houston – Welcome back DeSean, we really missed you last week.
11.   Buffalo – Continues to do just enough to win. Not bad for a team that is allegedly tanking.
12.   Jacksonville – Hey, 2 big games in a row! Turning into an elite defense.
13.   Atlanta – Panthers got “SB Hangover” label before game 1 was over last year. When does Atlanta get labeled??????
14.   Detroit – Still need faster starts to their games.
15.   Tennessee – Wildly inconsistent. Mariotta looks like he’s still hurt.
16.   Miami – More QB injuries. Looks like they are trying to tread water.
17.   Carolina –  2nd-worst game in team history (behind game 16, 2001).
18.   Green Bay – This is not going to work without Erin.
19.   Washington – Talent, but injuries a lot to overcome.
20.   Baltimore – Has to be one of the most boring teams of all time.
21.   Chicago – A John Fox team has a good defense. Who wudda thinked it?
22.   Indianapolis – Outside Captain Andrew Luck, there’s nothing fun to watch here.
23.   Cincinnati –  Decent offense. Burfict should be in prison by now with his dirty play.
24.   Denver – Falling apart at the seams.
25.   NY Jets – Hanging in and competing very well, thank you.
26.   LA Clippers/Chargers – Rivers looks like that 1,000-mile commute is starting to get to him.
27.   Oakland – Still lots of issues on defense.
28.   Tampa Bay – What happened to all that talent?
29.   Arizona – Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.
30.   NY Giants – See #29 above.
31.   San Francisco – See #30 above.
32.   Cleveland – See #31 above.