My brains are oozing out of my ears trying to understand that team in the city in North Florida with the river running backwards. I keep expecting that this week they will be the same team as last week, but they never are. They were awful in kicking last week and lost. So this week they’ll win 900-0, right?


Who’s throwing? With Rodgers likely gone for the year, all of us with Packers on our fantasy teams are diving head-first into the scrap heap for replacements. I’m stuck with Martellus Bennett. Remember when he kept bloviating about how he was the best TE that ever walked the Earth? Yeah, me too. And my backup is Charles Clay from Buffalo, out a month with a knee injury. Good thing I got DeSean Watson in the 14th round. He’s saving my season.

There’s no clear #1 in the NFC – and the Packers never were, despite all the Rodgers groupies in the media. Going into week 6, a case could be made for Atlanta, GB, Philly and Carolina. All of those teams lost except Philly, who is the only team with 1 loss. So that makes them tops for now – subject to change without notice, and probably will.
Tony Romo is a fabulous broadcaster. I’ve written this before, but he really is. I love the way he explains complex plays in layman’s terms, gets excited and starts yelling just like us regular fans, and how you can still hear the active player in him. When a QB got drilled in a recent game, he said, “Now THAT I don’t miss.” I really enjoy listening to him.

Power Rankings
1.       Kansas City – They lost, but who is better than them in their conference?
2.       Philadelphia – Fewest losses in the NFC, so they rank highest. .
3.       New England – Saved their season.
4.       Atlanta – It’s only potential keeping them high. Never showed up for 2nd half last week.
5.       LA Rams – Another big win. Doesn’t look like they are going away.
6.       Dallas – All eyes here to see how they do without Zeke.
7.       Seattle – Has Russell gotten the O-line loaded up with his Jesus Juice?
8.       Carolina – It looks like our middle LB is actually Dan Morgan Jr. Will never make the Hall of Fame with the constant concussions.
9.       Buffalo – Coming off the bye with several injuries. We’ll get to see how well McDermott can coach.
10.   Minnesota – I still think Bridgewater is the best QB on the roster, even while he’s still hurt.
11.   Houston – With the QB position set for 10 years, it’s time to find guys that don’t constantly break themselves on D.
12.   New Orleans – I was hoping they would blow the 35-point lead. They may actually have a good team.
13.   Pittsburgh – Bell is the one that should drive this offense.
14.   Green Bay – Rotten team without their QB.
15.   Washington – Barely escaping your own building with a win over SF is not a great look.
16.   Jacksonville – Will stay in the middle until they play the same way for 2 consecutive games.
17.   Denver – Why did the real Donkeys stay in a hotel and watch all those fake Donkeys get run over by the NY Little People?
18.   Baltimore – Not a whole lot to like about this bunch.
19.   Detroit – Epic meltdown and near-epic comeback all in the same game. More steady play needed.
20.   Tennessee – Good recovery against a bad team.
21.   Arizona – See #3 above. 
22.   Chicago – See #22 above.
23.   Miami – See #23 above.
24.   Tampa Bay – Allowed 100-year-old AP run for 500 yards. Ugh.
25.   Indianapolis – The QB is adequate. Rest of the squad is not.
26.   Cincinnati – Coming off the bye, we’ll see where their heads are.  
27.   NY Jets – Terrible call crashes the plane.
28.   LA Clippers/Chargers – Got a second win, but are still very terrible.  
29.   Oakland – Rotten team with their QB.
30.   NY Giants – Should they make all their injured players stay away?
31.   San Francisco – Only reason they aren’t last is because Cleveland is still in the league. 
32.   Cleveland – The main trait of a rebuild is that it gets better once it hits bottom. This squad keeps hitting bottom, and continues to dig.