We’ve gone from bad to average. Last year, there were a ton of awful teams and a few good ones. Now we have a few good, a few awful, and a whole bunch in the middle that appear to be indistinguishable from each other. This makes it very challenging for fan bases. Does my team stink or not? Liquor sales will greatly benefit.

Some things are consistent. Tom Brady is still pulling wins out of his backside. The Browns are still awful. The Panthers still have no clue how to handle prosperity. Jerry Jones is still a narcissistic jerk.

You mean I actually like him? The Bengals-Packers game was the first I got to watch with Tony Romo as a broadcaster. To my surprise, he is superb. In fact, he’s already the best analyst on TV. Now I know why he had as much success on the field as he did. He correctly predicted the next play at least half a dozen times, and explained them in layman’s terms beautifully. And he sounded like us a lot of times, especially when a team was letting the clock run when they had timeouts.

Nice change of pace. I did not watch the game Monday night. I listened to it on radio. And you know what happened? Once the opening kickoff was in the air, the broadcasters didn’t say a thing about the #TakeAKnee movement. How refreshing.

May I please have more peace? We have politics shoved down our throat 24/7. Everything is political. I swear if anyone goes on social media and says they like Breyer’s ice cream more than Hagen Das, a legion of people will start screaming that such a choice proves their far-right or far-left ideology. I need sports to get away from this more than ever. And more than ever, it’s being forced on me even more. I just want to watch games for a few hours. Why is that so impossible?

Power Rankings
1. Atlanta – I think I’m going to throw up.
2. Kansas City – Probably the most complete team in the AFC.
3. New England – How does he DO that?????????
4. Dallas – Looks like week 2 was the exception.
5. Tennessee – Looks like week 1 was the exception.
6. Buffalo – I’m sold. Offense has much work to do, but D is special.
7. Pittsburgh – Losing to the Bears brings punishment.
8. Detroit – They are really 3-0. That 10-second runoff rule is garbage.
9. Green Bay – Not the all-time great TV suits want them to be.
10. Denver – Wow, a Denver defense that can be scored on. Who would have thinked it?
11. Seattle – Hard team to figure. O-line still needs work.
12. Jacksonville – Have to give them the benefit of the doubt with 2 monster blowout wins.
13. Oakland – Like every Raider team before them, yellow flags are to them what food & water are to you & me.
14. Minnesota – Well, they look very good at home.
15. LA Rams – I am not sold. Need to see them beat a good team.
16. Carolina – OK, so I BADLY mis-overestimated my squad.
17. Tampa Bay – Is not playing week 1 still messing with them?
18. Philadelphia – Everyone had them winning with a 61-yard FG, right?
19. Washington – Cousins cost me a fantasy win. No, I don’t like that!
20. Baltimore – So much for that.
21. Arizona – Why didn’t the Awesomeness of Arians magically help those WRs avoid all those drops?
22. Houston – Battling Carolina for worst above-.500 team of the century.
23. New Orleans – Perfect game plan vs. Carolina. Still not a very good team.
24. Indianapolis – Neck Beard is on the mend. He’ll have to carry the whole team when he returns.
25. Cincinnati – Better, but still pretty terrible.
26. Chicago – Much as Fox hates offense, that side of the ball is better for this squad.
27. Miami – Losing to the Jets brings severe punishment.
28. LA Clippers/Chargers – Some national writer picked them to go to the Super Bowl. Seriously.
29. San Francisco – OK, so they really can score. But can they beat anyone?
30. NY Jets – Remember, the 1989 SMU squad fresh off the death penalty won a game too.
31. Cleveland – Promise is fading quickly.
32. NY Giants – Best joke of the week: Why does Alabama not have an NFL team? Because NY would want one too.