Why top quarterbacks get so much money, if we didn’t know already. There is some pretty rotten QB play going on out there. Everyone loves to hate on my QB, but wouldn’t you much rather have Cam than Blake Bortles, Brian Hoyer, Mike Glennon, Case Keenum, Jared Goff, Josh McKown, Jacoby Brisett, an over-the-hill Drew Brees or a way-over-the-hill Carson Palmer? Yes, I know that Keenum and Brisett are backups. Even when Andrew Luck is ready to play for the Colts, he has not even come close to living up to the hype he had coming out of college, and Sam Bradford is technically the backup while Teddy Bridgewater recovers from that awful knee injury. Another former elite QB, Phillip Rivers, is still playing well but his hands are tied by an incompetent coaching staff. So when Kirk Cousins, a very good QB but not top-tier, wants to hold out for a $30 million per year deal, the law of supply & demand is completely on his side.

Week 2 is the Week of Schizophrenia. There are so many big swings. The Falcons, Patriots & Titans looked like also-rans last week and world-beaters this week. The Packers, Cowboys, Vikings and Eagles did the exact opposite. We did see some consistency. The Broncos & Chiefs look extremely good, and the Saints & Jets are terrible. The Jets showed enough life in a loss at Oakland that there is hope they might not go 0-16. They’ll still have their pick of the hyped QBs with the #1 pick in the draft.

It Ain’t My Fault. What I call the Ain’t My Fault Syndrome is alive and well. I’ll write more about this later. There are a number of people blame-shifting for poor results. Jason Garrett called out Zeke Elliott for lack of effort. Bob McAdoo totally threw his QB under the bus after the whipping they received from the Lions. Stay classy fellas!

Power Rankings
1. Kansas City – A complete team. No fluke last week.
2. Pittsburgh – Still some offensive concerns – too many field goals.
3. Oakland – Raiders are just fine, thank you.
4. Atlanta – Looked much more like a Super Bowl team this week.
5. New England – It’s never good to try to bury this team after one game.
6. Denver – OK, so I badly mis-underestimated them.
7. Carolina – You can’t mis-underestimate this defense.
8. Green Bay – Well, Whadaya know, Erin Rodgers is not God after all.
9. Dallas – Need defensive backs very badly.
10. Baltimore – Following that 2000 title-winning formula nicely.
11. Detroit – Set up nicely despite a beloved former War Eagle stinking up the joint at left tackle.
12. Seattle – Since the rest of the division looks weak, 21 total points in 2 games isn’t as big a deal as it should be.
13. Tennessee – The team we saw in the preseason is rounding into regular season form.
14. Miami – Would have lost if the opponent had a competent coach.
15. Tampa Bay – Looked great. Panthers will have to beat them head-to-head to top them for a playoff spot.
16. LA Rams – Back to Earth.
17. Buffalo – Plenty of offensive concerns. Defense is as good as you would expect under McDermott.
18. Minnesota – Remmers/Kalil trade still even. Both regressed this week.
19. Philadelphia – Also back to Earth.
20. Jacksonville – Well, that didn’t last long.
21. LA Clippers/Chargers – The NBA once had a team move from San Diego to LA and look inept. NFL decided to repeat it.
22. Washington – One of those hard-to-figure-out teams.
23. Arizona – Not hard to figure out. The coach is too full of himself and the QB is too old.
24. Cleveland – Still need some playmakers on offense.
25. Chicago – Ahhh, now THAT’S the John Fox offense we all know and love/hate!
26. Houston – We didn’t learn much in week 2; the opponent was too lousy.
27. New Orleans – Terrible. Wouldn’t be shocked if they only win 4 games.
28. NY Giants – Terrible sinking ship. The O-line is a shambles.
29. San Francisco – Some real fight in the defense – just what you’d expect from an offensive head coach, right?
30. Indianapolis – Need more help than Neck Beard can provide.
31. Cincinnati – Doesn’t get much uglier than this offense.
32.NY Jets – Two down, 14 to go in the 0-16 quest.