Chucky is still a goofball. When Jon Gruden got the job as Bucs coach, he made a fool of himself at a presser before his fist matchup with the black & blue team in his division, referring to them several times as the “North Carolina Panthers.” This week, although he was more complimentary about my team than almost any broadcaster ever is, he negated it by several times calling them the “Charlotte Panthers.” Hey Chucky, do me a favor. Either take the U of Tennessee job or go be a Dead-skins broadcaster so you can openly root for your brother during the broadcast.

Thank you Ben. And Doug. And Richie. And the rest of you.I’m referring to the endless parade of players who rip the NFL for these Thursday night games. Ben Roethlisberger, Doug Baldwin and Richie Incognito are the latest to do so. I tend to not watch unless the Panthers or one of the guys on my fantasy team is involved. The games are awful because the players aren’t in top condition. The broadcasts are boring unless Tony Romo is involved. Given the level of greed of all these parties, I’m sure once the NFL informs the players’ union that scrapping the games means less broadcast revenue, which means a lower salary cap, the players will stop complaining and the awful games will continue. But a man can dream, right?

We feel your pain. Cowboys fans, we’ve been where you are. Everyone knew the game was over when Byron Bell was inserted at left tackle. Here in Carolina, we had to endure that for an entire year. The big mystery was why, with Adrian Clayborn making a mockery of Chaz Green, did the Cowboys make zero adjustments?

What are you waiting for? It seems very obvious that the players on the Giants and Browns have tuned their coaches out and are not giving max effort. The Giants appear to have quit completely. These teams are doing neither themselves nor the coaches any favors by keeping them around. Go ahead and get rid of them, and start your vetting processes now, so that as soon as the season ends, you can go after your guy and get the rebuild going.

Power Rankings
1.    Philadelphia – Most complete team & SB favorite.
2.    New England – All hinges on week game 14.
3.    Pittsburgh – See #2 above.
4.    Minnesota – We will learn a lot about them this week.
5.    LA Rams – See #4 above.
6.    New Orleans – A stunning run that I hope will end very soon.
7.    Kansas City – We now know this defense can be taken down.
8.    Carolina – Best time for a bye – right after your most complete game of the season.
9.    Seattle – Will they survive all the injuries?
10.  Jacksonville – To make a Super Bowl run, you have to be lucky and good. They covered part 1 this week.
11.  Buffalo – Two straight whippings should keep them nice and awake.
12.  Atlanta – After saving the season this week, they must do so again next week.
13.  Detroit – Offense? Check. Defense? Uh, can we get back to you?
14.  Tennessee – Still not sure the QB is healthy.
15.  Green Bay – You gotta love it when the opposing coach wins the game for YOU.
16.  Dallas – Just like the Packers, Raiders & Texans, they are completely different without just 1 player.
17.  Washington – Injuries showing the lack of depth.
18.  Miami – Must be tough for an offensive guru to be HC of this group.
19.  Baltimore – Very plain and boring.
20.  Oakland – Not sure what happened to the defense.
21.  Arizona – Coach is still way too full of himself.
22.  Tampa Bay – Championship under-achievement.
23.  Chicago – If they’re going to pay so much for a franchise QB, they need a coach that believes in the forward pass.
24.  NY Jets – They weren’t prepared for a very winnable game.
25.  Houston – Clearly, Watson is the entire team. Call Russell Wilson & ask for some Jesus Juice.
26.  San Francisco – Actually looked good. But then, it was the NY Little People.
27.  Cincinnati – Becoming totally unwatchable.
28.  LA Clippers/Chargers – They went full Browns to lose to Jags. Franchise is a joke.
29.  Denver – See #27 above.
30.  Indianapolis – Defense played well against Pittsburgh. The offense is still awful.
31.  NY Giants – Owners say the coach stays? WHY?????
32.  Cleveland – “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” Rinse, lather, repeat.