The hate HAS to stop sometime. The usual media suspects continue to spew their hatred at Cam Newton and the Panthers. This week, you could see it in the predictions, “oh, here’s a spot where we might see an upset!” Never mind that the 49ers are fielding an expansion team, with 5 undrafted free agents, 3 or 4 high draft picks with amazing potential, a few holdovers from last year with some talent, and a bunch of veteran castoffs that nobody else wanted. The castoffs on defense aren’t all that bad, and that defense should help them win 4 or 5 games. But not this one. There is so much hatred for Cam Newton because people are still buying in to the myth that he got paid to play at Auburn, despite there being no evidence. This has carried on to the rest of the team. Cam plays for the Panthers, therefore the Panthers are evil. Our defense has the potential to be historically good, if the defensive backfield comes along as is hoped. We were rusty in the first quarter and I was nervous. But by the second quarter it was obvious who was going to win. And nobody in the media is copping to their ignorant pick. This Cam Derangement Syndrome has to end sometime, doesn’t it?

Over-slobbering continues. Does anyone remember when Michael Vick first arrived in the NFL? Every move he made was lauded as something a god would do. I think that’s why the fallout from the dog fight scandal was so bad, because everyone viewed him as someone who could do no wrong. That position is now held by Aaron Rodgers, or Erin as I and some other internet comment section participants call him. We call him Erin because he’s soft and is over-protected by the officials, and slobbered all over by every media member – not like he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that he’s better than sliced bread ever thought about being. Imagine what the hyperbole would be if he had more than 1 title in 10 years.

Overreactions are everywhere. I’ll talk more about this in my weekly picks for week 2, but there’s so much overreacting out there. The Packers are going 19-0. Well, we thought the Patriots were going to go 19-0, so apparently the Chief are going to win the Super Bowl. Houston MUST change QBs, NOW!!! I hate to quote Erin Rodgers, but “Relax.”

Power Rankings
1. Green Bay – I hate the QB, but the team is very good.
2. Kansas City – Respect for the big performance on opening night on the road against a top team.
3. Pittsburgh – I’m not as shocked as everyone else about week 1. That was a hated, division rival giving their best shot.
4. Oakland – No one liked their defense coming in, but it looked very good.
5. Dallas – With Zeke’s case likely in court for at least a year, Dallas is a top team again.
6. Atlanta – Not clinching until the last play against a bad team costs you in the rankings.
7. New England – Offense is still as good as ever. Defensively, The Hoodie has a lot of work to do.
8. Carolina – Just remind Mike Shula that there are other players on the field besides CMC and we’ll be just fine.
9. Detroit – Stafford already making that mega-contract look like a smart bet.
10. Baltimore – Let’s see… Average QB, so-so receivers, allow nothing on defense…. Have we seen this before with this team?
11. Seattle – Need offensive linemen ASAP. The defense is good, as usual.
12. Tennessee – The QB is fine. The rest of the offense must step up.
13. Minnesota – What was essentially a trade of Matt Kalil for Mike Remmers looks like it’s working out for both teams.
14. Philadelphia – If they survive the Darby injury, this should be a playoff team.
15. Jacksonville – No matter what the pre-conceived notions, that D looked all-World on Sunday.
16. Miami – Stuck them right in the middle of the league since they haven’t played yet.
17. Tampa Bay – See Miami above.
18. LA Rams – Best they’ve looked in years. Of course, that was the Colts.
19. Denver – Defense is good, just not as good as Super Bowl year. They still have no long-term QB.
20. Buffalo – As expected, a stout defense. Good leadership will help bridge the gap while more talent arrives.
21. LA Chargers – OK, the CBS Sports guy that predicted this squad for the Super Bowl needs to be ridiculed in the public square.
22. Washington – They have treaded water the last 2 years. They’re in no position to improve.
23. Arizona – The 2 head coaches – Bruce Arians and The Ego Of Bruce Arians – need a serving of humble pie.
24. Cleveland – All the O-line money they spent seems to be paying off.
25. Chicago – If there is such a thing as losing good, they pulled it off.
26. Houston – Best thing going for them is another clunker team on the schedule this week.
27. New Orleans – No defense, as usual. Ginn sucks when not playing in Carolina, as usual.
28. NY Giants – Eli looks old. That’s not a good sign. OBJ will have to carry the team by himself.
29. Indianapolis – Even when Neck Beard gets back, he won’t help the awful defense or suspect coaching.
30. Cincinnati – Or “Cinci-nasty,” as they have been called in the past.
31. San Francisco – Thomas and Foster will be studs. They will tread water until the 2018 draft QB arrives.
32. NY Jets – One down, 15 to go in the 0-16 quest.