This week, along with week 14, are the worst weeks this year. These are the 2 weeks with 6 teams on bye. I really wish the NFL would stop this crap. Put 4 teams on bye each week for 8 weeks – skipping Thanksgiving week if it shows up in that window – and be done with it. Perhaps when the inevitable schedule expansion to 18 weeks happens. Oh, well, on to the stupid, self-inflicted short list of this week’s games.

Philadelphia at Houston (Thur) – Houston has been quite competitive, but this is another thing entirely. Eagles 34, Texans 13

Buffalo at NY Jets – The Bills actually looked a bit sluggish last week. They should easily win this game, but the NY defense will do their best to keep it close. Buffalo, NC 23, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 13

Green Bay at Detroit – Aaron Rodgers is barely treading water stat-wise since he has almost no receivers. Detroit still has many holes on defense. A day to get it moving? Packers 27, lion cubs 14

Indianapolis at New England – The Who Cares Game of the Week. No one has any bloody idea who either of these teams actually is. Patriots 23, Colts 21

LA Chargers at Atlanta – Atlanta finally got its offense rolling last week (a curse be upon them!). This could be a track meet. Clippers 37, Falcons 31

Las Vegas at Jacksonville – The only reason people will tune in for this is to see how much more certain it becomes that Josh McDaniels will be the Patriots OC in 2023. The team staves that talk off for a week. Raiders 24, Jags 20

Miami at Chicago – The Chicago defense looked great in NE, then completely absent in Dallas. And now they have traded away their other competent defensive player. Miami just picked up a defensive stud from Denver. This may not be pretty. Fish 27, Bears 10

Minnesota at Washington – Nobody thinks Minnesota is any good, but they’ve only lost 1 game. Is it smoke and mirrors? I don’t think so. The coaching staff is putting people in the right place and calling smart plays, and the players are executing. Roll on. Norwegians 24, Commanders 17

Seattle at Arizona – Pete Carroll may be in line for Coach of the Year if this keeps up. Those who bet on Matt Rhule to be the first coach fired were certainly winners, but those that bet on Kliff Kingsbury may be able to say, “well, my pick came in second.” Seahawks 28, Cards 14  

LA Rams at Tampa Bay – It’s the “contender that’s the most screwed up” bowl. Too bad for me that LA seems a little more screwed up. Bucs 20, Rams 17

Tennessee at Kansas City – KC is still rolling on offense despite the departures. Tennessee has a good defense, but not enough to stop this machine. Chiefs 31, Titans 20

Baltimore at New Orleans (Mon) – WR Michael Thomas is out for the year again. I’m inclined to believe that last week was the exception. Ravens 19, Aints 13

Carolina at Cincinnati – I had this penciled in as a major loss for my guys, but Cincy is lost without Chase. I’m still mad at DJ Moore for his stupid penalty which costs us a win in regulation. I had advocated that we punish him by trading him to Houston for one of their 47 first-round picks. He’ll probably do something heroic and stupid again this week. Without Chase, Cincy won’t cover the spread but will still win. Bengals 27, panther kittens 23

Last week’s record: 11-4

Season: 67-55-1