These are just being posted, but I predicted them before the games started. Promise.

Denver at Cleveland – The Browns are a M*A*S*H unit. The Broncos are suffering imposter syndrome just like the Panthers. I think Case “Hawkeye” Keenum will pull out a close one. Browns 21, Donkeys 17

Atlanta at Miami – So Miami has their franchise QB back but are deep in talks with Houston about acquiring their franchise QB. Confusion, chaos, and disorder are the driving forces there. Should be easy pickings for one of my hated teams. Falcons 24, Fish 14

Cincinnati at Baltimore – One of the league’s other M*A*S*H units is getting along just fine. Ravens 27, Bengals 17

Kansas City at Tennessee – Big win for the home team on Monday night. KC has major defense issues, but enough big-play potential to stay close in this one. But the home team has an edge. Titans 34, Chiefs 31

NY Jets at New England – Both teams are struggling, but NY is struggling more. The NE fans will scream “dynasty is back” nonsense after this one. Whatever. Patriots 28, j-e-t-s jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 10

Washington at Green Bay – Remember when Green Bay was winless, and everyone was crying disaster? Neither do I, but it was true at one point. Packers 33, The Team Formerly Known As Redskins 16

Detroit at LA Rams – It’s the “I Used To Play QB For You But Now I Want To Destroy You” Bowl. It’s extremely obvious who won that trade, and the game will see a similar outcome. Rams 30, lion cubs 14

Philadelphia at Las Vegas – Well, well, LV does have a pulse after all. Philly probably gets a similar result to last week, where they fall just short. Raiders 27, Eagles 24

Chicago at Tampa Bay – It’s the “I have children as old as the other QB” matchup. Well, Brady does have kids, and socks, older than Fields, right? Welcome to the league, rookie. Bucs 34, Bears 17

Houston at Arizona – Everyone keeps waiting for this undefeated Cards thingy to disappear. It’s not going to happen against such a vastly inferior opponent. Plus there’s the DeAndre Hopkins Revenge thingy. Cards 40, Texans 14

Indianapolis at San Francisco – How did this get into prime time? Well, my 49er fan nephews will have an enjoyable evening. 49ers 28, Dolts 7

New Orleans at Seattle – The injured Seahawks are very game, hanging in there without their QB. It would do my heart good for them to upend a more talented team. Unfortunately for me… Saints 27, Seahawks 20

Carolina at NY Giants – The stud Panthers D has taken a few steps back, and the O-line is still a severe problem. But for NY, everything has to break perfect for them to win, and that just doesn’t happen all that often. I think my guys pull this one out in spite of themselves. PANTHERS 20, Little People 13

Last week’s record: 10-4

Season: 61-33

Bye: Buffalo, Dallas, Jacksonville, L.A. Chargers, Minnesota, Pittsburgh

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