Well, that round of picks couldn’t have gone much worse-er. Let’s see if we can do better this time around.

 LA Chargers at Kansas City (Thur) – Remember all those “No Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs are done” laments? Like ‘Bama, Ohio State, and Georgia, KC just reloaded with more weapons and looks better than ever on offense. LA is pretty stacked as well. This one might end up with a basketball score like the Carolina-App State game. Chiefs 49, Clippers 38

Indianapolis at Jacksonville – Indy dumped their kicker after he blew his chance to win game 1. Pretty quick fall for a 2020 Rookie of the Year candidate. The rest of the team should be able to right the ship against a better, but not there yet, Jacksonville squad. Colts 27, Jags 17

Miami at Baltimore – Miami is a lot better. So is the home team led by the QB that wants DeShaun Watson’s money. Ravens 27, Fish 21

New England at Pittsburgh – One has to wonder if Pittsburgh used up all of its good luck getting out of Cincy with that win. Even if they did, their defense should have little trouble with the offense being run by a defensive coordinator. Steelers 23, Patriots 10

NY Jets at Cleveland – The Browns got their first week 1 win since the year after George Washington crossed the Delaware. The Jets are running their backup QB again and look just as bad as the last time they did that. Browns 23, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 10

Tampa Bay at New Orleans – Tampa looks fine despite all the offensive line injuries. We know nothing about New Orleans after their comeback win against a crummy Atlanta team. I think Tampa breaks the losing streak in this series. Bucs 23, Aints 20

Washington at Detroit – Both of these teams left a lot of unanswered questions in their week 1 game. It looks like Detroit still has serious run defense issues. Commanders 24, Lions 20

Atlanta at LA Rams – The Rams looked awful in week 1, but the Bills are stacked. There is still enough talent to dispose of a team that will be picking in the top 5 of the next draft. Rams 27, Falcons 17

Seattle at San Francisco – Everyone said all summer, “Trey Lance is READY!” Then he laid an egg in week 1. He’s facing a better defense in week 2. The big question is how motivated Seattle will be after going all out in their revenge game. That may be the difference. 49ers 20, Seahawks 13

Arizona at Las Vegas – There are enough questions about the Arizona defense to believe they won’t be able to keep up in a potential shootout. Raiders 30, Cards 23

Cincinnati at Dallas – Two squads that couldn’t have let their fans down more in week 1. Can Dallas overcome the Dak loss? What has to be certain is that Burrow won’t be as spectacularly awful as he was last week. Bengals 20, Cowboys 19

Houston at Denver – Who wants another tie? Denver should have played the end of the Seattle game better, and the coach admitted that. Much better take than doubling down and saying you’d do it again and this shows how tough you are and junk and stuff and whatnot. Donkeys 27, Texans 10

Chicago at Green Bay – If Future Me had appeared 1 week ago and told me that Baker Mayfield should be my starting fantasy QB instead of Aaron Rodgers, I would have concluded that the time had come for someone to put me in a room with striped sunlight, soft walls, and no corners, with me wearing that cute sweater with no sleeves. But Future Me would have been right. Despite that, I’m rolling with Rodgers in week 2. Packers 28, bear cubs 10

Tennessee at Buffalo (Mon) – Tennessee gagged on its own plate of food in week 1. Now they get to visit the best team in the conference. Good luck with that. Buffalo, NC 37, Titans 14

Minnesota at Philadelphia (Mon) – Future Me would also have told me to sit my #1 draft pick (Dalvin Cook) and run with Clyde E-H instead. Also correct. But I’m sticking with Cook, based on how iffy the Eagles looked against Detroit. But the result should be the same for them. Eagles 31, Norwegians 24

Carolina at NY Giants – All the talking heads and many Panthers “fans” are screaming, “SEE? CAROLINA IS THE WORST TEAM EVER! RHULE MUST BE FIRED NOW!” The problem is that the Panthers are 1-0 if the referee hadn’t invented a roughing the passer call out of his own imagination. The NY run game appears revived, so that could be a big problem. Other than that, Carolina has an obvious talent advantage at every position. PANTHERS 23, Little People 17

Last week’s record: 6-9-1

Season: 6-9-1