I must give props to the NFL scheduling department. Today is the first Saturday with no college football since August. So they moved 2 games to today so us football addicts could delay our withdrawal symptoms until early February. I’m not even going to bother bloviating about Antonio Brown. He has mental health issues. I hope he gets the help he needs. On to the last week of the season.

Kansas City at Denver – KC stumbled at Cincy last week, but they’re still an elite team. Denver is not. It’s a football game, so I will watch, but it won’t be much of a game. Chiefs 34, Donkeys 14

Dallas at Philadelphia – It’s a football game, so I will watch, but unlike game 1, this should be a fabulous game. Philly is rolling, and Dallas is trending up as well despite last week’s stumble against the Cards. This could be one of those “last team with the ball wins” kind of games. Cowboys 28, Eagles 27

Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Both teams need a win and lots of help to make the playoffs. I’d go with the home team, but they’ve simply had too many injuries to overcome. Steelers 19, Ravens 13

Cincinnati at Cleveland – How did Mayfield go from an elite QB to the most prolific turnover machine in such a short time? Too many Progressive commercials? No one knows for sure, but he’ll probably get booed off the field after the red-hot Cincy squad forces a few more. Bengals 27, Browns 13

Green Bay at Detroit – The Pack has secured the playoff bye week, Detroit has secured a top 3 draft pick, which probably means one of those Wolverine pass rushers gets to stay home for his pro career. They will fight like crazy, but the talent gap will lead to a big scoring gap in the second half. Maybe the valiant effort will bring another strong reaction from the Crying Coach. Packers 41, lion cubs 17

Tennessee at Houston – Almost no one thought Houston would make it to 4 wins. So the in-over-his-head coach probably won’t get fired. Once they unload DeShaun Watson, they probably go backward next year. This week is a preview of coming attractions. Titans 34, Texans 7

Indianapolis at Jacksonville – Indy hasn’t won in North Florida since 2014. The fans are planning a “clown-out,” meaning they will wear clown clothes to the game to protest their clown of an owner. This time, the talent gap is too wide, and the more talented team is very focused, unlike when Buffalo rolled in and looked distracted all day. Colts 41, Jags 10

Chicago at Minnesota – There’s a good chance that both squads get new coaches for next season. This one probably lacks quality of play. Give the edge to that very obnoxious horn. Norwegians 24, bear cubs 17

Washington at NY Giants – I’m glad it’s not just my team. Last week, even Washington fell victim to the “sell your tickets to the road team’s fans” syndrome. Eagles fans were everywhere, especially the end zone. This week, they celebrate their last game as the generic brand with a win. The Team Formerly Known As Redskins 19, little people 13

Seattle at Arizona – Seattle appears to have located its missing offense. The defense is still being sought. Cards 23, Seahawks 17

New Orleans at Atlanta – Neither team is going to the playoffs. Let’s go with the home team officially eliminating the visitors with their 20% chance of getting in. Falcons 26, Aints 20

NY Jets at Buffalo – Lots of fight from NY lately, which has to be encouraging for Rich Eisen, Mike Greenberg, and the like. But the home team has as good a shot as anyone at making the Big Game. Buffalo, NC 28, j-e-t-s jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 17

San Francisco at LA Rams – Frisco is in the playoffs with a win or New Orleans loss. For some weird reason, they also dominate the Rams – five straight in the last few years. This should be an easy win for the home team, but I’m betting the hex remains in place. 49ers 27, Rams 24

New England at Miami – New England needs a win and Bills loss to take the division. Part 2 is not likely to happen. Part 1 should be routine. Patriots 27, Fish 20

LA Chargers at Las Vegas – If Indy loses at Jacksonville again and this game ends in a tie, whoever wins the Steelers-Ravens game gets the last playoff spot. Many fans and sportswriters are rooting hard for the chaos. But the Colts aren’t going to lose to the Jags, so the point will be moot by 4 PM, making this a fitting “win or go home” game to end the regular season. Vegas has been playing inspired football recently, but I think LA has more weapons on offense and will squeak by with the win. Clippers 31, Raiders 28

Carolina at Tampa Bay – I wish future me would have appeared after week 11 to tell me, “Savor that win over the Cards. It’s the last one of the year.” At least then I’d be prepared. This will be the team’s 7th straight loss, and “fire Matt Rhule” chants are breaking out at Hornets basketball games. Even if the Bucs are locked into their seed and play their JV squad, there’s no way my guys will win. Hopefully, we get to play Detroit in week 1 next year so we can break the long losing streak. Bucs 31, panther kittens 3

Last week’s record: 13-3

Season: 163-93