Merry Christmas and whatnot! I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday season. The NFL season continues to be a hotbed of chaos. Let’s dive in.

Jacksonville at NY Jets (Thur) – It’s the top 2 picks in the 2021 draft going head-to-head. Trevor Lawrence has proven that his shaky rookie year was wholly and only due to a complete absence of coaching. Zach Wilson has good coaching, but things are still shaky. New York has had a good year, especially on defense. But Lawrence and crew are really on a roll. Going with the momentum.  Jags 27, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 17

Buffalo at Chicago – As another “Storm of the Century” cyclone rolls through, we see the Bears settling in to the not-so-good team we thought they would be after a good start. Lots of people are debating who the best team in the AFC is, and that is crazy. We already know. A Buffalo vs Philly Super Bowl feels quite certain. The train doesn’t slow down here. Buffalo, NC 27 bear cubs 13

Atlanta at Baltimore – The first of 3 teams with a 5-9 record that sits ONE game out of a playoff spot. They’re rolling with a rookie QB against a stingy defense. Don’t tune in if you love points. Ravens 19, Falcons 12

Cincinnati at New England – The Pats regularly over-perform. Most of the time. The last play of last week’s game will get zillions of YouTube hits. Cincy fell down early at Tampa and then rolled. I can see this game playing out much the same way. Bengals 27, Patriots 24

Houston at Tennessee – Malik Willis, who has very little passing ability, is the QB with Tannehill’s injury. Houston has been in position to win the last 2 weeks against vastly superior opponents. This week’s upset special. Texans 17, Titans 14

New Orleans at Cleveland – Here’s the second 5-9 team still alive for a division title. Cleveland is finally performing up to expectations on defense, and that will be the difference here. Browns 20, Aints 14

NY Giants at Minnesota – Other than the Dallas game, the Vikings have been living dangerously every week. New York is back from the dead after a big win. This is a true “anything can happen” game. Once again, I’m rolling with that obnoxious horn. Skol and whatnot. Norwegians 23, Giants 20

Seattle at Kansas City – Geno Smith made the Pro Bowl. If you say that you predicted that in August, I will accuse you of lying. And he’s not going to be able to keep up with Mahomes. Chiefs 30, Seahawks 17

Washington at San Francisco – That was a major blow for Riverboat Ron & Co. Now they visit the only team that might be as hot as Philly. Despite a valiant effort, they will fall short. 49ers 23, Commanders 17

Philadelphia at Dallas – Philly would be the obvious choice if Jalen Hurts wasn’t injured. What really stinks is I have to predict the game 2 days before we know if he’s playing. I’m under the assumption he will be out, in which case Dallas gets the QB edge and recovers from the shocking loss in North Florida. Cowboys 27, Eagles 21

Las Vegas at Pittsburgh – Franco Harris dies 2 days before the 50th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception. How much does that suck? The nostalgia of the big play combined with the local legend passing away will be very big emotional boost for the home team. The return of their starting QB might help as well. Steelers 24, Raiders 17

Green Bay at Miami (Sun) – I got knocked out of the fantasy playoffs when Rodgers played a very average game last week. So I’m sure that he and Tyreek Hill will go off for about 80 points this week. In the real world, there’s way too much offense for a good Packers D to deal with. Fish 30, Packers 24

Denver at LA Rams (Sun) – Even though there are only 3 games on this day, this is very much a Who Cares Game of the Week. Rams 20, Donkeys 13

Tampa Bay at Arizona (Sun) – And here’s the first-place 6-8 team keeping all those 5-9 teams alive. But this week they get a struggling team on it’s 13th-string QB. Order restored. Bucs 34, Cards 10

LA Chargers at Indianapolis (Mon) – After blowing the biggest league in the more than 100 years this league has existed, I think we all know Jeff Saturday, also known as Jim Irsay’s Son, isn’t getting the full-time gig. There won’t be that level of heartache this week, because they’ll never be in the lead. Clippers 34, Colts 20

Detroit at Carolina – My team continues to make me look like a complete fool. There’s no Jedi Mind Trick available this week. It’s just a team playing hard for its coach that just can’t keep up with a team on a major roll. Fortunately, the game will be over by 4 PM on Christmas Eve so we can declare the season over and get on with our Christmas celebrations. Lions 38, panther kittens 17

Last week’s record: 10-6

Season: 130-92-2