Word surfaced this week that Urban Meyer kicked his kicker during warmups in training camp. The Jags could finally take no more and sent him packing. The only way he learns his lesson is if no one hires him for at least 2 years. With all the current college jobs filled, some TV exec is going to pay him stupid money to return to “TV talking head” role. And every major opening next year will begin with mass speculation of Meyer taking the job. That’s unfortunate. People like this, who believe their press clippings and think they are higher life forms than everyone else need to be properly humbled. I think 2 years of sitting at home with nobody praising him or begging for his opinion would be good for him.

Kansas City at LA Chargers – In a development few people saw coming, the Chiefs are actually playing good defense. There’s no such thing as a home game for this LA team. The resurgent KC defense does just enough. Chiefs 28, Clippers 24

Las Vegas at Cleveland – Vegas tried mightily to hold it together after their nightmare October. They’re starting to fade, and Cleveland is finally coming together like everyone expected. Browns 27, Raiders 20

New England at Indianapolis – Two squads that have easily exceeded expectations so far. We seem to be returning to the days where nothing ever goes wrong for BB & crew. Expecting more of that this week. Patriots 31, Colts 21

Arizona at Detroit – There is a lot of fight in Detroit, which at least makes their games interesting. But there’s too many weapons for them to stop. Cards 33, lion cubs 21

Dallas at NY Giants – For us non-Dallas fans, this is another week where we get to hear obnoxious fans of theirs scream about how unbeatable they are. Press the snooze button. Cowboys 33, little people 10

Green Bay at Baltimore – How ‘bout that 45-point third quarter in Green Bay last week? The Ravens wouldn’t be expected to be that generous to the GB offense, but when you’re on a roll… Packers 30, Ravens 20

Houston at Jacksonville – Remember when Houston was supposed to go 0-17 and the Urban/Trevor combo was going to revive the franchise? Neither do I, probably because Houston torched Jacksonville in week 1. So does JAX circle the wagons and play inspired ball? I imagine they do. Problem is, there is still very little real talent outside of the QB position. Texans 27, Jags 24

NY Jets at Miami – The bye week interrupted Miami’s major roll of 5 straight wins. Fortunately for them, they get a terrible team to keep it going. Fish 30, j-e-t-s jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 10

Tennessee at Pittsburgh – This is one of the harder ones to figure. Is Pittsburgh the terrible team of the first 3 quarters in Minnesota, or the 4th quarter machine? Is Tennessee the team with big wins over Buffalo and KC or the one that lost to the Jets? I think there’s more evidence for option 1 of both questions. Titans 28, Steelers 24

Washington at Philadelphia – Philly seems to have figured some things out, despite having a head coach who uses flower bed analogies to inspire motivation. Rivera’s guys are really gutting it out but need to find a franchise QB. Eagles 23, The Team Formerly Known As Redskins 20

Atlanta at San Francisco – Yeah, Atlanta went up I-85 North and won, but they’re still not very good. SF is on the way back after struggling midseason. I don’t expect much drama here. 49ers 34, Falcons 17

Cincinnati at Denver – That was a very tough loss for Cincy last week. Denver will need to take a step up, because this ain’t Detroit. Bengals 27, Donkeys 24

Seattle at LA Rams – LA also seems to be back in top form. Seattle is at least awake, but that’s not going to be nearly enough. Rams 34, Seahawks 14

New Orleans at Tampa Bay – Two teams I really hate, led by coaches I really hate. But we all know what’s going to happen here. Brady will do his thing. And in 2030, we’ll all be wondering, “how is he still doing this at age 53?” Bucs 38, Aints 21

Minnesota at Chicago – This should be a mismatch. But the Vikings have a real problem getting blowout wins when they should be getting them. Still, that terrible o-line Fields is working with will probably stunt his growth a little more this week. Norwegians 26, bear cubs 23

Carolina at Buffalo – The one (and probably only) bright spot for my guys has been their 4-2 road record (home record is 1-6, on a 6-game slide). The Bills have been inconsistent and probably peaked too early. But this is a terrible matchup. With Donte Jackson out, CJ Henderson has been targeted, and he’s proving to be a CB that had no business being a top 10 draft pick. The run defense has fallen off. And of course, that defense full of ex-Panthers is going to have a field day against this putrid offensive line. Ugh. Buffalo, NC 33, panther kittens 9

Last week’s record: 12-2

Season: 128-80

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