See my week 9 rant. Same thing applies here. NFL idiots. Stop putting 6 teams on the same bye week. Let’s see if we can have as good a week picking games as we did last week.

Las Vegas at LA Rams (Thur) – My Panthers agreed to release Baker Mayfield, and he was claimed by the Rams. He’s going to be the backup for this week. Vegas is on a roll, possibly delaying the day when their head coach will return to the Patriots as offensive coordinator. LA is just too injured to beat anyone. Raiders 31, Rams 20

Cleveland at Cincinnati – Speaking of teams on a roll, Cincy is one of them. Cleveland has a good team, but Watson is still rusty. Ride the momentum. Bengals 27, Browns 17

Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Baltimore is once again shutting offenses down, which is bad news for fantasy players like me who have no choice but to start Kenny Pickett. He looks like he will at least be a decent QB, despite getting beat up by a stingy D. Ravens 19, Steelers 12

Houston at Dallas – Remember an absolute destruction that Dallas laid on Minnesota a few weeks ago? That’s going to look tame compared to this. Going to get VERY ugly. Cowboys 45, Texans 6

Jacksonville at Tennessee – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Titans 20, Jags 17

Minnesota at Detroit – The Lions are also on a roll. Are they really good enough to take down a 2-loss team? I think not, but just barely. Norwegians 24, Lions 23

NY Jets at Buffalo – Zach Wilson is the Jets 3rd-string QB. Buffalo is still battling injuries on defense but has to be seething after losing in NY a few weeks ago. Roll with revenge. Buffalo, NC 27, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 20

Philadelphia at NY Giants – There have been a number of surprises this season. To me, the biggest one is that Washington actually beat Philly earlier this year. Eagles 28, Giants 13

Miami at LA Chargers – A number of talking heads are picking LA in this one. I think Miami has enough firepower that a lesser defense won’t shut them down like the 49ers did. Fish 30, Clippers 24

Tampa Bay at San Francisco – You know you’re living right when your top 2 QBs go down with serious injuries and you plug in the LAST pick in the draft, and no one even noticed. Brady pulled another miracle last week, but like every other NFC South team that ventures into the NFC West, this one will leave no room for Brady miracles. 49ers 31, Bucs 14

Kansas City at Denver – Remember the beatdown issued in last week’s Sunday night game? Rinse, lather, repeat. Chiefs 38, Donkeys 17

New England at Arizona (Mon) – This would be the Who Cares Game of the Week if it were in a time slot with any other games. But since it’s the only game of the day, we’ll all be watching. And if you suffer from insomnia, this game will give you one night of welcome relief. Cards 17, Patriots 14

Carolina at Seattle – There are a few very dedicated fans that are sure we are going to win our last 5 games to finish 9-8 and force the owner to make Steve Wilks the permanent coach. While I would love that to be true, I think there is a case to be made that we lose the rest of our games. Wilks is 0-for on the road, and we have 3 road games remaining, plus a home game that will have 50,000 fans of the opponent in the seats (Pittsburgh). Then there’s Detroit, which is on a major roll. So the skeptic in me thinks we will probably lose them all. This week? A road game in Seattle, where are halfway decent secondary has to deal with Tyler Locket and DK Metcalf, both of which could go over 100 yards receiving and score a TD. I think that will be too much to overcome. Seahawks 30, panther kittens 20

Last week’s record: 11-3-1

Season: 113-81-2

Bye: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Washington