I’m late with the post. No time to waste.

Dallas at New Orleans – New Orleans is on it’s 47th QB. Dallas has looked horrible against the AFC West, but fine against everyone else. So this should be good for them. Cowboys 27, Aints 10

Arizona at Chicago – Nagy has not been fired, as many talking heads was certain to happen as soon as everyone had moved from turkey on to turkey sandwiches. But that doesn’t mean the team is fixed. It certainly won’t look like it against a rested Arizona squad. Cards 38, bear cubs 17 

Denver at Kansas City – KC appears to have righted the ship, and Denver’s ship has remained more righted than anyone expected all year. Should be a dandy. Chiefs 31, Donkeys 27

Indianapolis at Houston – Indy got brought down a notch by Tampa. Houston has had some recent successes. Could it be a potential… uh, no. Colts 38, Texans 14

LA Chargers at Cincinnati – The Cincy D was my top fantasy performer last week. That says more about my (lack of) roster-building ability than the Cincy D itself. I’m sure I’ll have a different top performer after the LA offense rolls through town. Clippers 33, Bengals 24

Minnesota at Detroit – Minnesota continues to be one of the most maddening, frustrating teams to predict. But this week, they face the easiest team in the NFL to predict. Norwegians 23, lion cubs 9

NY Giants at Miami – Here we have 2 teams left for dead a month ago, both showing signs of life. But the home team is showing more and stronger signs. Fish 27, little people 20

Philadelphia at NY Jets – See NY Giants at Miami above, except it’s the road team with more and stronger signs. Eagles 27, j-e-t-s jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 17  

Tampa Bay at Atlanta – Tampa appears to be waking from their midseason slumber. Despite being a little better recently, no way Atlanta pulls the upset. Bucs 31, Falcons 17

Washington at Las Vegas – Both teams appeared dead not very long ago. Washington has won 3 straight and Vegas managed to pull the Turkey Day upset. Should be a good one. The Team Formerly Known As Redskins 27, Raiders 20

Baltimore at Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh looks extremely flawed. So does Baltimore’s offense, but their defense is very much on a roll. Ravens 16, Steelers 10

Jacksonville at LA Rams – The Rams look completely lost the last few weeks, lucky for them, they get a team that has looked lost for about 4 seasons. Rams 34, Jags 14

San Francisco at Seattle – SF has rebounded well recently, while Seattle looks like a runner finishing a marathon that has been running on fumes since mile marker 17. Won’t be pretty. 49ers 30, Seahawks 17

New England at Buffalo – This could be the game of the year. NE is really on a roll, but the Bills being at home should give them a tiny edge. Buffalo, NC 28, Patriots 27

BYE WEEK at Carolina – Everyone needs this break. The team is 2-7 since the 3-0 start, Run CMC is out for the year again, and the fan base has finally been united – everyone wants Matt Rhule’s head on a platter. If the Oklahoma Sooners athletic director is on social media, he’s probably gotten 100,000 DMs from Panthers fans telling him, “I know exactly who you should hire to replace Lincoln Riley.” Panthers 0, BYE WEEK 0

Last week’s record: 9-6

Season: 106-74

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