Happy Thanksgiving and whatnot! Do not align yourself with the “Thanksgiving is racist” crowd. Actually celebrate what you’re thankful for. You know, things like… football!

Buffalo at Detroit (Thur) – The Bills stayed in Detroit after having to play their “home” game there last week. The home team is suddenly one of the hottest teams in the league. However, I don’t think they’ll be able to slow this offensive machine down. Buffalo, NC 30, Lions 24

NY Giants at Dallas (Thur) – I don’t think Dallas is capable of playing any better than they did last week. But they won’t need that maximum performance against the suddenly ordinary G-Men. Cowboys 28, Giants 17

New England at Minnesota (Thur) – OK, so what do you do after getting utterly destroyed on your own turf? You hang tight until a completely incompetent offense comes to visit. Then give thanks to the NFL scheduling department. Norwegians 20, Patriots 10

Atlanta at Washington – Atlanta continues to get wins by miniscule margins. That probably doesn’t work against a team on a roll like this one. Commanders 23, Falcons 21

Baltimore at Jacksonville – The rumors that the owner is planning to move the home team to London are going to persist as long as they play a home game there every single year. This week, they run into a tough defense. Ravens 19, London/JAX 10

Chicago at NY Jets – This was supposed to be a showdown between 2 of the 2021 stud QBs. But NY had to go and bench its QB after he appeared to give zero Fs about his team’s rotten performance a week ago. Perhaps he will give some Fs after they drop another one. Bears 27, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 7

Cincinnati at Tennessee – Cincy is doing quite well while their superstar WR is on the shelf. Tennessee might be eyeing revenge for the playoff game last year. They appear to have the defense to do it. Titans 20, Bengals 17

Houston at Miami – One step closer to the #1 pick of the draft for Houston. Almost a second bye week for Miami. Fish 34, Texans 10

Tampa Bay at Cleveland – Forget about the controversial QB. What happened to the 5-star defense Cleveland was supposed to have? Bucs 23, Browns 20

LA Chargers at Arizona – A matchup of 2 teams that are, according to rumor, going to get rid of the head coach and try to hire Shawn Peyton. Allegedly, the interest is mutual. For both. The more-injured team gets a leg up. Clippers 27, Cards 14

Las Vegas at Seattle – Miami isn’t the only team that had a bye last week and a crummy opponent this week. Result will be similar. Seahawks 24, Fakers 20

LA Rams at Kansas City – The Super Bowl champions are done. More evidence of that shows up this week. Chiefs 34, Rams 17

New Orleans at San Francisco – Frisco looks like real contenders as they are settling in with Run CMC as part of the attack. Probably too much for New Orleans to deal with. 49ers 33, Aints 21

Green Bay at Philadelphia – After their first loss and a so-so effort in the next game, many people think this is the week that Philly gets well. Green Bay hobbles in with an incredibly average group of receivers, who should be completely shut down by the Philly defense. Eagles 20, Packers 9

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis (Mon) – Well, the Colts didn’t come crashing down to earth in Jeff Saturday’s second game, even though they did take the loss. I still don’t believe in them. I don’t believe in them so much I’m starting Pickett in fantasy over Rodgers. Should be an interesting matchup. Steelers 19, Colts 10

Denver at Carolina – Nationally, this is the Who Cares Game of the Week. My team has settled back into Total Train Wreck mode. We got rid of the head coach that was in over his head, but we still have the offensive coordinator that is in over his head. Despite the opponent being a terrible team, there’s no reason to think we’ll be able to do anything about it. Donkeys 23, panther kittens 10

Last week’s record: 9-6

Season: 92-72-1