Another week, another set of “what was that” games. The undefeated team gets whipped by a very inferior opponent, the team that has only lost to that previously undefeated team still only has that 1 loss (and not many people believe in them), last year’s Super Bowl winners are a hot and steaming mess, and the guy who had never coached above the high school level waltzes in and wins his first game as an NFL head coach. Never a dull moment. What could possibly happen this week?

UPDATE: Late afternoon, Nov. 17 – the NFL decided to move the Browns-Bills game to Detroit to avoid the Armgeddon-style snowstorm coming to the Buffalo area this weekend. This is convenient for the Bills because they will be playing at Detroit on Thanksgiving. They do lose the home-field advantage though. So my prediction for the game has been updated. 

Tennessee at Green Bay (Thur) – Aaron Rodgers finally had a great game. So are they ready to make a big run? Tennessee is fairly decent but not overwhelmingly good. I have no real feel other than giving the home team a slight edge. Packers 24, Titans 20

Chicago at Atlanta – Justin Fields appears to have this NFL thingy figured out. He’s probably going to break Cam Newton’s QB rushing records. Atlanta is still dealing with key injuries. Bears 23, Falcons 21

Cleveland vs Buffalo (Detroit) – While Browns fans are likely to outnumber Bills fans (Detroit is less than 3 hours from Cleveland), the Bills gain a tremendous advantage on the field, where there is no weather to slow down their offense. They are still banged up in the secondary, which helps the Browns offense as well. But putting this machine in a neutral environment is going to give Cleveland fans big headaches. Buffalo, NC 38, Browns 31 

Detroit at NY Giants – Both of these squads are “we will fight to the death” teams if nothing else. But Detroit still needs more great players. Giants 19, Lions 13

LA Rams at New Orleans – Neither team is anywhere near meeting expectations. New Orleans is good at home. LA hasn’t been very good anywhere. Aints 28, Rams 20

NY Jets at New England – While talking heads create billions of tons of carbon dioxide pontificating that all 4 NFC South teams should be disbanded because they’re all bad at the same time, no one is paying attention to the fact that New England is in last place in the AFC East and also has a winning record. Despite another year of a decline in talent, they’re still making noise. That keeps going this week. Patriots 26, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 17

Philadelphia at Indianapolis – A lot of those same talking heads have been throwing some serious hate at the Colts and Jeff Saturday. Getting a win in week 1 isn’t as amazing as it seems when you consider what a train wreck Vegas is. This week’s opponent is an entirely different animal – one that should be plenty angry after finally losing their first game. Welcome back to the NFL, Jeff. Eagles 31, Colts 14

Washington at Houston – I have to give my team’s former coach credit. He’s getting more out of this incredibly average team than anyone imagined. After dispatching Philly, they get a much worse team to beat up on this week. Commanders 27, Texans 10

Las Vegas at Denver – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Donkeys 19, Fakers 10

Dallas at Minnesota – Minnesota has only lost 1 game, to Philly. Nobody is giving them any love nationally. This week’s opponent is a good one, but there’s that dadgum horn. Norwegians 24, Cowboys 21

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – Cincy last played 2 weeks ago, and they only had to play the first half of that one before the game was over. They still don’t have JaMarr Chase, but plenty of other playmakers. They also have the memory of week 1, when they had no business losing to this team. Bengals 28, Steelers 17

Kansas City at LA Chargers – Weren’t we forced to watch LA on SNF last week? You know, when they never emerged from the halftime locker room? And of course, this will be a road game for them with a ton of red in the stands. Chiefs 34, Clippers 10

San Francisco at Arizona (Mexico City, Mon) – There is still a lot we don’t know about both teams. We do know that Frisco seems to have figured out ways to get all of their playmakers involved and have success. They’ll keep it going. 49ers 26, Cards 17

Carolina at Baltimore – All right, I’ve had it. I’m 2-8 picking my favorite team, so I’m going to pick them to lose every week. Either I get it right or my guys get a win. Now, you might want to analyze this game and say that Baltimore is FAR more talented, and the game should be over at halftime. That very well could be. But I’m sticking with my Jedi Mind Trick. Ravens 27, panther kittens 12

Last week’s record: 6-8

Season: 83-66-1

Bye: Jacksonville, Miami, Seattle, Tampa Bay