Biggest news this week is Odell Beckham signed with the Rams and Cam Newton re-signed with the Panthers. I don’t expect a ton of impact. No matter where OBJ goes, and no matter how things develop, he’s going to scream that he’s not getting the ball enough and/or his QB sucks. Cam looked absolutely terrible from mid-2018 through 2019, and incredibly average with New England last year. I really think all the hard hits and injuries have ended his days as an elite QB. Neither of these guys will play this week, but they both bear watching the rest of the year. As for week 10….

Baltimore at Miami – What happened to Miami? After a 10-win season, things have fallen apart, and the coach is suddenly on the hot seat. The biggest problem? The coach is a defensive specialist and this year’s defense is much worse than last year. Not a good setup with a pretty stout offense coming to town for a Thursday game. Ravens 34, Fish 17

Atlanta at Dallas – You look at last week’s games and wonder, “could another gigantic upset be on the table?” No. Dak and crew will not stay down that long. Bounce-back time. Cowboys 31, Falcons 20

Buffalo at NY Jets – That Bills game last wee was one no one saw coming, unless you’re a blood relative of a Jags employee. NY can move the ball and score points, but there’s too many holes on defense. The road team should find a cure for their ills in New Jersey. Buffalo, NC 38, j-e-t-s jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 20

Cleveland at New England – Cleveland has been very up-and-down. New England never loses on the road but are at home for this one. Should be a slugfest. Browns 23, Patriots 21

Detroit at Pittsburgh – I imagine Crying Dan Campbell has been impossible to live with in the 14 days since the destruction by Philly. They probably step up their game this week. However, the talent gap is wide. Home team should be fine. Steelers 27, lion cubs 13

Jacksonville at Indianapolis – Remember when Urban Meyer had screwed up so thoroughly that no one thought he’d make it to season’s end? Neither do I, but that was the case right before they went to their second home in England. The team shows legitimate fight. Although they shut down a great offense last week, I’m not sure they can do it twice in a row. Colts 33, Jags 21

New Orleans at Tennessee – New Orleans certainly has their inconsistencies. Tennessee responded to the season-ending injury of their best player by going on the road and thumping the Rams. The replacement for the injured player, 147-year-old Adrian Peterson, looks like he still can contribute. Consistency wins over inconsistency. Titans 27, Aints 20

Tampa Bay at Washington – How good and pleasant it was to watch football without the disgusting Bruce Arians and his Bucs. All good things must come to an end. And this one probably ends early. Bucs 37, The Team Formerly Known As Redskins 14

Minnesota at LA Chargers – It’s impossible to figure Minnesota out. It does seem like they have a prolific offense, but the defense hasn’t shown up the last 2 weeks. Against a very good QB, I can’t see them reversing the trend, even though their fans will probably occupy two-thirds of the seats. Clippers 30, Norwegians 23

Philadelphia at Denver – Matt Rhule threw over Teddy Bridgewater for Sam Darnold. I bought in and drafted Darnold for my fantasy team. With Darnold on IR, I went looking for a second QB and ended up with… Bridgewater. Oh, the irony. And given the matchup with a crummy Philly defense, I’m starting him. Even more irony. I love this game and I hate this game. Donkeys 33, Eagles 21

Seattle at Green Bay – The biggest surprise this week was there was no “I’m irreplaceable and should be allowed to do whatever I bloody well want with no consequences” speech from Erin Rodgers after the Pack stunk it up on KC last week. With there always being a game on Thursdays, I have to predict on Thursday if Rodgers will clear COVID protocol by Sunday morning. Ironically enough, I don’t think it makes a big difference. Seattle never sacks the QB, so whether it’s Rodgers or Jordan Love, the home team should be OK. Packers 20, Seahawks 17

Kansas City at Las Vegas – The question is the same for both teams – was last week a new trend or the exception? What is definitely a trend is that KC just isn’t as prolific on offense as they have been in the Mahomes era. Raiders 27, Chiefs 20

LA Rams at San Francisco – SF has had a ridiculous number of injuries to overcome, and it’s starting to wear them down. That’s probably how this game goes – tight early on, with LA wearing them down late. Rams 27, 49ers 14

Carolina at Arizona – Well, it looks like everyone, including the coaching staff, has labeled the Sam Darnold Experiment as a failure. Rhule is now 0-2 in picking out QBs. Washington and Miami look like the only winnable games remaining on the schedule. Last week, Arizona whipped SF without their 3 best players. As good as the Panthers defense is, there’s no way they keep this team to a low enough point total that would give the terrible offense any chance. Oh, yeah, the backup QB is playing. Cards 28, panthers 3

Last week’s record: 7-7
Season: 85-51

Bye: Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, N.Y. Giants

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