Last week was my best one picking games this year, so I’m up to incredibly average. The league is as crazy as ever. Let’s see what insanity is in store this week.

Atlanta at Carolina (Thur) – After getting buried in the “other” Queen City last week, it looks like the new coach smell has worn off of Steve Wilks. On the bright side, Baker Mayfield looked a lot better in one half of garbage time than he did the entire season before he got hurt. However, PJ Walker is still the starter, and Corduroy Patterson is back. Atlanta has a ton of fight and heart. They’ll manage to get it done. Falcons 23, panther kittens 10

Seattle at Tampa Bay (Munich) – Both squads are about the opposite of what everyone predicted. Tampa has had a ton of injuries. Geno Smith has been good, which no one expected. The established trends will hold firm. Seahawks 23, Bucs 20

Denver at Tennessee – The biggest question in Denver is if Mr. Walmart and the new ownership will bail on the first-year head coach, who looks like he’s in over his head. Tennessee is methodical and unexciting. Probably a low-scoring struggle. Titans 19, Donkeys 13

Cleveland at Miami – Miami is on a roll while Cleveland is limping toward the Houston game when Watson finally plays. It should be a competitive game, but the outcome seems pretty obvious. Fish 30, Browns 21

Detroit at Chicago – It took a year and a half, but Justin Fields has finally figured this NFL thingy out. Whether they have enough talent to win or not, Detroit players will run through a wall for their coach. Should be a fun game. Bears 24, Lions 17

Houston at NY Giants – They have been more competitive than they should be, although they are right there with Carolina and Detroit in the race for the top draft pick. No reason to think things are going to change. Giants 23, Texans 10

Jacksonville at Kansas City – Jax is so much better with a real coach. But this is another thing entirely. Chiefs 31, Jags 14

Minnesota at Buffalo – A lot of talking heads are bailing on the Bills after only 2 losses. Nobody is talking about the Vikings despite only 1 loss. This should be a dandy that goes down to the last minute. Buffalo, NC 24, Norwegians 21

New Orleans at Pittsburgh – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Aints 27, Steelers 20

Indianapolis at Las Vegas – So Indy cans its coach and hires a former player who has 1 year of high school coaching on his resume. But word is that the team is all-in. On the other side, we’re 1 week closer to Josh McDaniels becoming the Patriots offensive coordinator again. Colts 20, Fakers 17

Arizona at LA Rams – Welcome to the underachievers bowl. Yawn. Rams 24, Cards 17

Dallas at Green Bay – I wonder who Rodgers will blame for his rotten performance this week. It definitely won’t be himself. Cowboys 34, Packers 10

LA Chargers at San Francisco – Now that Run CMC is no longer in Charlotte, all the “but he can’t stay healthy” commentary has completely vanished. I expect the NBC TV crew to look like they’ve been standing in a rainstorm from slobbering all over themselves praising him all night. 49ers 30, Clippers 17

Washington at Philadelphia (Mon) – Philly is gonna lose eventually, right? I’m starting to think they will only once, on Christmas Eve in the Metroplex. Definitely not this week. Eagles 28, Commanders 13

Last week’s record: 10-3

Season: 77-58-1

Bye: Baltimore, Cincinnati, New England, NY Jets