It’s good to get back to games after a week of listening to the talking heads bloviate on and on about the coach openings. Old Jason California or whatever his name is decided to go all identity politics and write a hand-wringing piece about how few minority candidates there are for GM and head coaching jobs. This despite the fact that profoundly unqualified Hue Jackson stands a good chance at getting his third job in Cincinnati, and middle-of-the-road Jim Caldwell is getting looks from some of the clubs with openings. Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of people being judged not by the color of their skin but the content of their character has still not been realized 55-plus years after his speech. Maybe one day. So let’s get to some games.
Indianapolis at Houston – There’s a lot of talk about the road teams dominating this weekend. I’m not so sure about that, except this one. Indy is on such a roll, having lost only once in the last 2 months, that it’s hard to imagine a team that’s been just so-so the last few weeks slowing them down. Look for another good week of Twitter fodder from Captain Andrew Luck. Colts 27, Texans 20 
Seattle at Dallas – My heart really hopes Seattle wins, because Cowboys fans are so cotton pickin’ obnoxious and I like to see them in emotional distress. Seattle is a great running team that can control the ball. But Dallas is much more explosive since they traded for Cooper and I think they’ll get just enough big plays. Cowboys 28, Seahawks 27   
LA Chargers at Baltimore – There are a number of talking heads that think LA could make a Super Bowl run. The problem with that is that their first game is against a team the lost to at home 2 weeks ago, and this time it’s on the road. It’s going to be a close game, but talk of a Super Bowl run for the Bolts is pretty far-fetched. Ravens 23, Clippers 13   
Philadelphia at Chicago – A lot of hype is being thrown about Nick Foles engineering another Super Bowl run. But like the LA predictions, it’s hard to get to Atlanta when you can’t beat your first opponent. No way the Bears defense gives this up. Bears 23, Eagles 10   
Last week’s record: 12-4

Season: 157-99