Well, we’ll see if it happens again. Last week I started Tom Brady in my fantasy league, and he scored 17 points. I left Kirk Cousins on the bench, and he scored 50 points. Naturally, I lost the match. I love this game, and I hate this game. Such is life. As for the real games…

Washington at Minnesota (Thu) – I left Cousins on the bench again this week. Now watch him burn me into charcoal again. Norwegians 34, Dead-skins 7 

Arizona at New Orleans – Could the team be ready for a downgrade in the return of their All-Pro QB? Hardly. Aints 27, Cards 21 

Cincinnati at LA Rams (London) – The latest Wonderboy coach goes up against his old squad. All he has are memories of winning football games. Rams 38, Bangles 14 

LA Chargers at Chicago – Who knew this LA team was going to be this bad? And who knew the Bears were going to struggle on offense like this with an offensive-minded coach? Call this the Questions Bowl. Bears 23, Clippers 21 

NY Giants at Detroit – Giants are up and down, Lions have gotten screwed over by refs at an astonishing level. Call this one the Excuses Bowl. Lion cubs 27, Little People 17 

NY Jets at Jacksonville – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Jags 21, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 10 

Oakland at Houston – Oakland just has too many holes on defense. Texans 38, Fakers 27 

Philadelphia at Buffalo – Philly has been wildly inconsistent. Buffalo has been just the opposite. Buffalo, NC 20, Eagles 17 

Seattle at Atlanta – Can change the name from Mercedes-Benz Stadium to The Titanic? Seahawks 33, Falcons 7 

Tampa Bay at Tennessee – This one will probably be very close without much excitement. Call this one the Boring Bowl. Yuck-aneers 19, Titans 17 

Cleveland at New England – The Browns still have a ways to go apparently. Patriots 30, Browns 20 

Denver at Indianapolis – The masking tape has fallen off the Denver car, and it’s falling apart. Horses 33, Donkeys 16 

Green Bay at Kansas City – Without their stud QB, KC isn’t going to hold up very well. Packers 28, Chiefs 10 

Miami at Pittsburgh (Mon) – Wow, what a clunker. Steelers 28, Fish Carcasses 10 

Carolina at San Francisco – Family drama at play here. Two nephews are lifelong 49ers fans. One of them is also a U of Florida Lizards fan, so he has the upper hand after UF beat Auburn. The football gods should give me this game. I’m certain they won’t, and this defense is just the type to end the Kyle Allen dream with 4 picks and a mess of sacks. 49ers 34, panthers

Last week’s record: 11-3

Season: 66-40

BYE: Baltimore, Dallas