The Rams Todd Gurley said of international games, “It needs to stop.” Thank God someone who plays said it. Fans have been screaming that for years. And with the Jags turning into a decent team, even that city full of front-runners isn’t going to stand for their owner selling 7 of their 8 home games to England every year like he’s doing now. What RG1 and the Park Ave. suits don’t seem to get is that people outside the US who like football are going to like football even if it isn’t in their country. Do you really think there is ever going to be a protest of a horde of Brits demanding more games there? No. The games they get sell out because there are people who like football. There are a lot more people who like soccer, which has nothing to do with football because soccer isn’t a sport. Enough with the non-US games already!


Miami at Baltimore (Thur) – A run of decent Thursday games ends with a clunker. Neither team is very remarkable, and both have QB issues. Miami has a few more offensive tools. Fish 26, Little Black Birds 13

Minnesota at Cleveland (London) – Signs are pointing to an abandonment of Moneyball and a new front office and probably a new coach. We might have an 0-16 team, just not the one we expected. Norwegians 20, brownie troop 6

LA Chargers at New England – People are jumping back on the bandwagon. I’m not buying it. No, not New England, the other one. Patriots 33, Clippers 17

San Francisco at Philadelphia – People have been justifying Kyle Shannahan & John Lynch’s existences by saying, “but the 49ers have a good defense.” Doesn’t mean a hill of beans when you have terrible QBs & receivers with brick mason sponsors on their hands. Filthy-delphia 33, 49ers 10

Atlanta at NY Jets – And now the Falcons can finally right the ship. The Jets will likely do something to help them do so during the game. Falcons 27, Jets 20

Chicago at New Orleans – Whatever New Orleans did between week 2 and week 3, I hope the Panthers can figure it out. The rest of the league hasn’t figured them out since. Aints 31, bear cubs 7
Indianapolis at Cincinnati – Cincy has gone from terrible to so-so. They will get medicine for all that ails them this week against a halfway decent college team. Bangles 41, Dolts 13

Oakland at Buffalo – You’ll have to cut Chiefs fans a little slack for thinking the officials handed that game to the Raiders. I think the Raiders definitely still have issues, and the Bills – and no one should be surprised by this – have an excellent defense. Bills 24, Raiders 21

Houston at Seattle – With Houston’s bye behind them, I can put Deshaun Watson as my starting fantasy QB and leave him there. Offense is fine. But how will the banged-up defense fair against Mr. Jesus Juice? Seahawks 34, Texans 28

Dallas at Washington – As long as Zeke plays, Dallas will win. Cowboys 27, Dead-skins 23

Pittsburgh at Detroit – A Sunday game worth watching. Haven’t been many of those recently. Although both teams have decent defenses, I sense a track meet afoot. Steelers 38, Lions 35

Denver at Kansas City (Mon) – Two teams that have fallen flat on their faces the last 2 weeks. But I think Denver has fallen further. Chiefs 28, Donkeys 17

Carolina at Tampa Bay – The Panthers visiting a vastly inferior team. Gee, the same thing was happening last week. I’m sure the same result will be forthcoming. Yuck-aneers 19, Panthers 10  

Last week’s record: 10-5

Season: 55-51