I have to figure out a way to pick these late games. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve predicted exactly ONE game that started later than Sunday at 1:00 correctly. With my team on its bye week, it’s a week to just watch without stress. That is needed, with my team headed on the road to play an unbeaten team next week. So let’s watch and enjoy….

Kansas City at Denver (Thu) – Two weeks ago, KC was 4-0 and Denver was 0-4. KC hasn’t won and Denver hasn’t lost since. Those were exceptions. The rule comes back in force on TNF. Chiefs 33, Donkeys 17 

LA Rams at Atlanta – The total collapse of the team based in the Worst Sports City On Earth is truly a delight for a Panthers fan to watch. Rams 34, Falcons 10 

Arizona at NY Giants – The two young QBs are at least intriguing, even if the rest of the rosters aren’t. Cards 28, Little People 24 

San Francisco at Washington – Hey look, the coach got fired and suddenly the ‘Skins start trying. Nice change of pace. Won’t help this week. I have to hope SF gets such big heads that they are asleep when the Panthers arrive next week. 49ers 38, Dead-skins 14 

Oakland at Green Bay – There are people who think some (if not most) NFL games are fixed now that the Supreme Court has allowed mass gambling across the country. I love a good conspiracy theory as much as anyone. If any team in the universe were to be gifted fixed outcomes by its league, I would suspect Erin Rodgers and Green Bay to be first. Kinda like last week. Good luck. Packers 27, Fakers 24 

Houston at Indianapolis – Two teams that are totally impossible to figure out. This is the truest “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” prediction of the season. Texans 27, Horses 21 

Miami at Buffalo – Miami also started trying last week. And like their opponent, it will mean absolutely nothing against a far superior opponent this week, even if it’s one that rarely scores touchdowns. Buffalo, NC 19, Fish Carcasses 9 

Jacksonville at Cincinnati – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Jags 17, Bangles 13 

Minnesota at Detroit – You can have the greatest defense on Earth, but if you only kick field goals, you still aren’t going to win very often, especially if a PO’ed QB is still trying to prove his worth. Norwegians 33, lion cubs 19 

LA Chargers at Tennessee – LA is becoming a train wreck, and Tennessee is already there, culminating in benching the #2 pick in the ’15 draft, choosing Ryan Tannehill over Marcus Mariota. Thomas Davis still looks weird in powder blue, and his wife Kelly is still a must-follow on Twitter as she grieves the growing up of their kids. The game itself won’t be a lot of fun to watch. Clippers 19, Titans 10 

New Orleans at Chicago – Payton said of last week’s opponent, “I think if we played six quarters, they still wouldn’t have scored a touchdown.” He might be right. And this week’s opponent isn’t much better at the QB spot. I really need these guys to stumble. I’ll have to keep waiting. Aints 26, Da Bears 17 

Baltimore at Seattle – Baltimore is kinda OK. That’s all they need to be, as the rest of their division is schizophrenics going through shock therapy. But it’s not enough against a tough Seattle team. Seahawks 27, Ravens 17 

Philadelphia at Dallas – Speaking of schizophrenics, here’s two more. Poor Jerry Jones had his 125th birthday spoiled by the loss in New York last week. I think he gets a late present this week. Cowboys 23, Eagles 20 

New England at NY Jets (Mon) – Demaryius Thomas is calling his tenure in New England as “a waste of my time.” Now he gets to play them. Revenge of the… uh, no. Patriots 27, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 3

BYE WEEK at Carolina – Local media are demanding Ron Rivera engage in hypotheticals, incessantly asking who will be the QB when Cam Newton is healthy again. He refuses to take the bait. Good for him. He should tell them to investigate the “I FOUND BIGFOOT IN THE NC MOUNTAINS” stories that show up every week, especially during the bye when they have time on their hands. PANTHERS 0, BYE WEEK 0

Last week’s record: 8-6

Season: 55-37

Other byes: Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay