Summer is finally over! The days of a dewpoint over 70 have finally left us, and it’s going to be in the 40s the next few mornings. My inner polar bear is rejoicing. The weather geeks are predicting that the South will have a wetter, but not necessarily colder, winter this year. So I suppose we’ll have a bunch of those really fun 40-degree rains. They said this is not a prediction of no snow. I say we only get a really good snow every 3 years or so, and since we did have a good snow last winter, it’s unlikely we get one this year. I’ll cross my fingers and hope I’m wrong. Speaking of being wrong, I did that less last week picking games than any previous week this season. Let’s see how it goes this week.
Denver at Arizona – Denver had a snowy game at home last week against some L.A. beach bums and they still lost. Now they head to the desert. Word on the street is that Vance Joseph is in serious trouble. Losing to a rookie QB, with a trip to Kansas City looming next week, would not help matters. Well, at least the Nuggets appear to be really good. Cards 23, Donkeys 20
Tennessee at LA Chargers (London) – The first London game was a major clunker. The second one isn’t going to be a whole lot better. Phillip Rivers should have a great day. Clippers 34, Titans 17
Buffalo at Indianapolis – A former Panther has signed with the Bills. I will pause for a moment to allow you to get over your shock. (Pause.) OK, now that we got that out of the way, we will imagine how terrible a QB that has played 2 games in 7 years is going to be. Yeah, the former Panther the Bills signed is Derek Anderson. The former Panther coaching the Bills opponent has to be dancing in his office. Dolts 31, Buffalo, NC 13
Cincinnati at Kansas City – Cincy has been a pleasant surprise, but that was the worst defensive call of the year at the end of last week’s game. Now they go play a more powerful offense. They’ll hang tough for a while, but the home team pulls away late. Chiefs 38, Bangles 21
Cleveland at Tampa Bay – Bucs DC Mike Smith, the former Falcons head coach, was canned this week. His issue was not enough players, especially on the back end. They get an opponent this week that is still learning how to win. This will be one of the games Cleveland looks back on after the year and say, “we shudda won that one.” Yuck-aneers 24, Brownie Troop 17
Detroit at Miami – Looks like the Dolphins found themselves again. The Defense Guru had 2 weeks to prepare. This might be entertaining. Fish 26, Lions 20
Houston at Jacksonville – After getting torched on a Biblical level, Jax heads home to face a very anemic offense. Thanks for the medicine. Jags 20, Texans 14
Minnesota at NY Jets – The Vikes seem to be rounding into form. They get a rookie QB this week. Thanks for the medicine, Part II. Norwegians 33, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 21
New England at Chicago – So was last week an aberration or the beginning of the end for the Bears hot start? They haven’t really shut down a great team yet. I think Darth Vader & company take this one late. Patriots 27, Bears 20
New Orleans at Baltimore – Most expect this to be the game of the week. Who gives first, the irresistible force from the bayou or the immovable object in purple? Trying to put aside my bitterness for seeing Alex Collins have his first good game the week I bench him in fantasy, I think there are too many weapons for this purple squad to keep down. Aints 28, Ravens 17
Dallas at Washington – Both are coming off big wins. The ‘Skins need help from their opponents to win (see last week). Dallas showed more fire than they have all year. I think the blowout win carries further this week. Cowgirls 26, Dead-skins 23
LA Rams at San Francisco – What was that I was saying earlier about beat-downs of Biblical proportions? Here’s another one. Rams 41, 49ers 17
NY Giants at Atlanta – It would be the Who Cares Game of the Week if it were on Sunday when there were other games to watch. Falcons 38, Little People 16
Carolina at Philadelphia – My guys were riding high after that dramatic win 2 weeks ago. Then they fell all over themselves handing last week’s game away. This week is a much better opponent, who beat them that same way last year. I think there will be corrections, but I don’t think we can keep Wentz from throwing touchdowns. Sadly,….. Eagles 33, PANTHERS 17
Last week’s record: 11-4
Season: 55-38
Bye: Green Bay, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Seattle