I was doing great last Sunday at 4:00 – I had correctly called 9 of the 11 games played to that point. Then I whiffed on all the rest, contributing to a very mediocre pick record to date. The NFL banned dropkick onside kicks 1 week after banning Vontaz Burfict, again. Some talking heads are speculating that Freddie Kitchens is already on the hot seat in Cleveland. Another wacky week in the NFL. Let’s pick some games.

NY Giants at New England (Thur) – NY looked to be rising, then were smacked down by an inconsistent Vikings squad last week. This week’s opponent is in no way inconsistent. The results will not be any better. Patriots 31, Little People 10 

Philadelphia at Minnesota – Two inconsistent squads currently trending up. Both have a lot of weapons, but good defenses too. I’m going to go with the home team in this even matchup. Norwegians 28, Eagles 27 

Houston at Kansas City – No one outside of Indiana saw that coming last Sunday night. Now we have 2 of the brightest young QBs in the league matching up. This is going to be one serious track meet. Chiefs 44, Texans 38 

Washington at Miami – This isn’t the Who Cares Game of the Week because of the historical possibilities. There is a really good chance that the loser of this game goes on to be the third 0-16 team ever. Washington has fired their coach, Miami has a first-year coach and has ditched most of its competent players. Everything in me wants to predict a 0-0 tie. Can’t quite do it though. But the game will be every bit as tragic as we expect it will be. Dead-skins 10, Fish Carcasses 9 

New Orleans at Jacksonville – The “we’re gonna live in London one day” team goes from one backup QB to another, with the same result. Aints 33, Jags 27 

Cincinnati at Baltimore – The Ravens should no longer be feeling themselves after the last couple of games, but look to a winless opponent to right the ship. Cincy will win eventually (maybe next week vs the Jags?), but this doesn’t look like the place it will happen, particularly on the road. Ravens 23, Bangles 13 

Seattle at Cleveland – Baker & Co don’t seem to be able to do much on the road. At home, they’re darn good. But so is this week’s opponent. For conference playoff purposes, I really need Cleveland to win. Which, of course, means they won’t. Seahawks 27, Browns 20 

San Francisco at LA Rams – Pretty sweet matchup that should go down to the last minute. Edge to the home squad. Rams 27, 49ers 24 

Atlanta at Arizona – How long can Dan Quinn avoid the inevitable visit by the Fired Department? The guess here is that they pick up a win this week, get blown out by the Rams and Seahawks, then a new coach hets installed in the bye week. Ryan out-plays Murray this week. Falcons 27, Cards 23 

Tennessee at Denver – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Titans 19, Donkeys 14 

Dallas at NY Jets – A winless team hosts a team bound to be seething after getting their butts kicked in their own yard last week. Could get ugly. Cowboys 31, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 10 

Pittsburgh at LA Chargers – Pittsburgh is down to its 3rd-string QB. The nightmare continues. Clippers 24, Steelers 7 

Detroit at Green Bay (Mon) – Pretty rotten situation for a team coming back from a week off. Packers 34 Lions 24 

Carolina at Tampa Bay (London) – Tampa won the first round mainly because Cam Newton was playing on one leg. We now know that McCaffrey is only coming off the field when his leg falls off like it did last week. Neither team is doing much to slow offenses down these days. Edge to the team that has a QB on two legs this time. PANTHERS 33, Yuck-aneers 27 

Last week’s record: 9-6

Season: 47-31