Late Sunday afternoon, one of the guys in my fantasy league tweeted about the week 4 games, “This week proves nobody knows anything about anything.” It’s hard to argue. I think only Panthers employees and their families had any hope that we would win at New England. The Jets were supposed to be tanking and making a run at 0-16. Instead, they’re tied with the Patriots in the AFC East and there are probably 4 teams worse than them. Lots of people also thought the Bills were tanking when they traded 2 starters for a backup and draft picks. Instead, they’re in the mix for a first-round playoff bye. The Cowboys lost to the Rams at home. Detroit is one asinine rule away from being undefeated. I feel like the Raiders radio announcer back in the 70s who said after the famous Holy Roller play, “There’s nothing real in the world anymore!” I agree. My new goal for picking games is to simply get at least one more right than I get wrong. That’s about all you can do these days.

On to this week’s mixed bag of nuts….

New England at Tampa Bay – Two of the great under-achievers so far this year. Bucs have enough weapons on offense that the Pats D will struggle again. Bucs 27, Pats 23

NY Jets at Cleveland – The city really needs to rally behind the Indians and Cavs, because the football team is going nowhere. I really hate to do this to my Dad and brother, but there’s no choice. J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! 24, Brownie Troop 13

LA Chargers at NY Giants – Quote of the week: “The big winner this week is definitely the city of San Diego because this (Chargers-Giants) game is going to be like watching two ex-girlfriends fight over a half-empty pack of cigarettes that one of them stole from a gas station vending machine.” – John Breech, Little People 19, Clippers 17
Buffalo at Cincinnati – Just when you think you are off the mat, you get pummeled. Bills 28, Bangles 3
Arizona at Philadelphia – Who Cares Game of the Week candidate #1. Eagles 20, Bruce’s Ego 9
Tennessee at Miami – Two bad teams that were supposed to be good. Neither has their QB. Ugly grey ducks are everywhere. Titans 19, Fish 14
San Francisco at Indianapolis – WCGOTW candidate #2. 49ers 20, Dolts 17

Jacksonville at Pittsburgh – This will look a lot more like the Week 1 Jags than anything else. Steelers 31, Jags 10  

Seattle at LA Rams – So LA is pretty good, now that they have coaches who can coach their QB. Not sure he can deal with the LOB though. Seahawks 23, Rams 20

Baltimore at Oakland – WCGOTW candidate #3, particularly with Carr out. Raiders 17, Ravens 10


Green Bay at Dallas – Which is most nauseating – the media’s constant Erin Rodgers slobbering, the boring Troy “that’s exactly right, Joe” Aikman, or Cowboys fans? All of them in a froth for this one. If Dallas isn’t stupid enough to abandon the run again, there’s no way Erin gets enough touches. Cowgirls 27, Packers 21


Kansas City at Houston – KC is the most complete team. They did give up points & yards to Brady, so I’m starting Watson on my fantasy team even though there’s no way they win. Chiefs 37, Texans 28

Minnesota at Chicago (Mon) – WCGOTW candidate #4, and the winning candidate. Two most boring franchises in professional sports. Vikings 13, Bears 10  

Carolina at Detroit – This could go about 47 different ways. Stafford is great, but his receivers are too inconsistent. I just can’t see them beating our guys, even the young ones, enough. PANTHERS 23, Lions 20

Last week’s record: 7-9
Season: 35-28