What was that all about? I mean, everything. Chicago over Pittsburgh, Jax beating the crap out of the Ravens, Panthers never showing up for the opening kickoff, the Jets beating anyone other than a middle school team… Nothing went as expected last week, other than the traditional media outlets hijacking the “kneel for the anthem in response to racism” protest and turning it into an “everything Trump says don’t do, do it with all your might” screed. I really wish we could actually have these debates without going ape. And I wish the President would let a staffer do his tweets for him. But we can’t always get what we want, so we’ll just try to concentrate on the actual games.

Chicago at Green Bay (Thur) – This will be a terrible game. Not because the teams are terrible, but because they both just played 4 days ago in 90-degree heat, the Packers with an overtime to boot. Aside from the safety argument, having every team being required to play one of these Thursday games leaves the players unprepared physically and mentally, and it results in crappy football. If only the NFL suits weren’t so obtuse. This game will be played in 50-degree weather. Green Bay has a better roster so they’ll win. Packers 19, Bears 13, hospital admittances 3

New Orleans vs. Miami (London) – So which is which on both these squads? I still think the Saints are terrible. They just had a perfect game plan last week. It ain’t gonna last. Fish 24, Aints 23

LA Rams at Dallas – I don’t believe in the Rams yet. Dallas looked awful at the start of the last game, but came together. Don’t think this one will be close for long. Cowboys 37, Rams 16

Detroit at Minnesota – That was some BS at the end of the Lions game last week. Vikings seem to be improved from last year. Home field does them good. Vikings 24, Lions 21

Jacksonville at NY Jets – So what got into Fake Bortles? Hard to tell. The Jets avoided 0-16, but that’s all they avoided. Jags 28, Jets 10

Tennessee at Houston – So which is the worst 2-1 team ever, Houston or Carolina? Titans 34, Texans 26

Buffalo at Atlanta – Atlanta has become the Crimson Tide of the NFL for me – the best team in the league, the one I hate most, and the one that wins all the time. Falcons 26, Bills 9

Cincinnati at Cleveland – Since I’m from Ohio, that disqualifies this from WCGOTW. Bangles 23, Browns 20

Pittsburgh at Baltimore – Neither team did what they were supposed to do last week. Baltimore D makes the biggest rebound. Ravens 19, Steelers 9

San Francisco at Arizona – Now THIS is the Who Cares Game of the Week. 49ers 23, Cards 21

NY Giants at Tampa Bay – After not showing up in Minnesota, Tampa gets a JV team to beat up on. Bucs 33, Little People 14

Philadelphia at LA Chargers – We have a new contender for 0-16. Eagles 27, Clippers 13

Oakland at Denver – Raiders will be mad, but they’ll still be on the road. Donkeys 27, Raiders 17

Indianapolis at Seattle – Oops, Indy isn’t playing the Team with No Insignia anymore. Seahawks 24, Colts 10

Washington at Kansas City (Mon) – Oh, great, we get the ‘Skins in prime time 2 weeks in a row. They will be able to tell us who wins the AFC West after this one. And they’re gonna say KC. Chiefs 27, Deadskins 21

Carolina at New England – So much for the Panthers D being ’85 Bears good. Brady throws with precision, as does Brees. The result is probably going to be similar. Patriots 38, Panthers 10

Last week’s record: 8-8
Season: 28-19