I’ve never been so happy to have a power outage. My home lost power a little after 10 AM Sunday as the remnants of the hurricane were drenching Charlotte. At 1:00 I fired up the Panthers game on the cell phone. When the Falcons score to tie the game at 10 in the second quarter, my phone battery was down to 35%. Expecting we were going to be without power for a few days and that I might need toe phone for something important, I shut it down. So I missed the Falcons racing to the 24-10 lead and the Panthers missing the tying touchdown by a few inches as the game ended. Then, at 5:30 PM, our power came back on. So I was spared the agony of yet another Panthers egg being laid in Atlanta and was only out of electricity for 7.5 hours. How fortunate on both counts. What’s on tap this week?
NY Jets at Cleveland – The Browns are going to win some games. This is clearly a better team than the last 2 years. I’m just not sure if it’s this week. Fear not, the Raiders are up next. J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 23, Brownie Troop 21
Buffalo at Minnesota – After having a player quit at halftime, they have to hear that horn. Vikings 34, Buffalo, NC 10
Denver at Baltimore – Denver could be 0-2 but is 2-0. Baltimore is better than last year, but how much? Should be a tight game. Ravens 27, Donkeys 24
Green Bay at Washington – Reality setting in for the ‘Skins, who got false hope against a rotten Cards team in game 1. This one should be easy for the Cheeseheads. Packers 31, Dead-skins 16
Indianapolis at Philadelphia – Carson Wentz is back, but the receivers are hurting. Not sure if Neck Beard can win all by himself. Eagles 27, Dolts 20
New Orleans at Atlanta – Assuming Tampa beats Pittsburgh, the loser of this game is in deep trouble in the division. Slight edge to the home team. Falcons 28, Aints 27
NY Giants at Houston – Having trouble sleeping? Ask your doctor if a prescription for NYG-HOU is right for you. Texans 19, Little People 13
Oakland at Miami – Jon & Co gagged one away last week. Miami has had fairly weak opponents, and has taken advantage. Expect more of the same from both teams. Fish 23, Raiders 13
San Francisco at Kansas City – As improved as SF is, I don’t think they’re ready for this offense. Mahomes is the real deal. Chiefs 38, 49ers 24
Tennessee at Jacksonville – The Jags are indeed still nasty on defense. Mariota is going to be plenty sore on Monday morning. Jags 31, Titans 10
LA Chargers at LA Rams – This game should be played in the soccer stadium, so fewer people are exposed to the bloodshed. Old St. Louis 41, Old San Diego 20
Chicago at Arizona – Perhaps, in garbage time of yet another blowout loss, the defensive coordinator that is serving as the Cards head coach will ask his offensive coordinator who the other quarterback is. Bears 27, Cards 7
Dallas at Seattle – Russell doesn’t have anyone to throw to. I should have paid more attention to that when I was drafting him so early in my fantasy draft. This will make life quite easy for the Dallas defense. Cowboys 23, Seahawks 9
New England at Detroit – Pats fans will be trolling Matt Patricia constantly, and when asked about it, the NE coach will say, “I’m not on Snap Face or any of those.” Patriots 38, lion cubs 24
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay – The rate Fitzpatrick is dialing up big plays is something none of us saw coming. They had better leave him in even though Crab Legs Guy is coming back next week. Bucs 37, Steelers 21
Cincinnati at Carolina – A.J. Green is going to destroy the Panthers young secondary. But if they revert to form and hold the Cincy running game in check, Cam should be able to do more damage with more weapons. I think we’ll see a shootout. PANTHERS 34, Bangles 31
Last week’s record: 10-6
Season: 20-12