After 2 weeks, there is still some degree of overreaction. It is quite possible to start 2-0 and end up in the gutter, and to start 0-2 and end up in the playoffs. But both of these are highly unlikely. Those that are 2-0 are probably very good teams and those that are 0-2 are probably going to attempt to position themselves to get one of these 5-6 potential franchise quarterbacks in the 2018 draft. So what do we see this week?

LA Rams at San Francisco (Thur) – For all the talk about safety, proper rest between games, and all the other side issues around Thursday Night Football, the single biggest reason for hating it is that the matchups are often awful. Include this one with those, although the 47 remaining 49ers fans will get a chance to cheer for a change. 49ers 17, Rams 13

Baltimore at Jacksonville – At the risk of overreacting, I’m going to say the week 2 Jags are closer to the real thing than the week 1 Jags, at least against this defense. Ravens 23, Jags 3

NY Giants at Philadelphia – The race is on to see which New York team can suck the most. I hate NY bias so I love this. I’ll love this result too. Eagles 23, Little People 7

Miami at NY Jets – The Fins face their first true road game after their fans dominate the LA soccer stadium. Good thing it’s against a team that would lose a football game to any soccer team. Dolphins 33, Jets 10

Tampa Bay at Minnesota – The Bucs are going to make us Panther fans hate that we didn’t move as fast as they did on TJ Howard. Bucs 23, Vikings 6

Atlanta at Detroit – The Lions look good. The Falcons ain’t the Cards or Giants. Falcons 27, Lions 13

Houston at New England – This will get very ugly very fast. Patriots 37, Texans 6

Pittsburgh at Chicago – John Fox, the ultimate “I’d rather do it my way than win football games” coach, continues to stick with his awful QB because he hates rookies. When he gets fired this time, perhaps he will have to wait a while for his next gig. Steelers 34, Bears 9

Cleveland at Indianapolis – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Browns 13, Colts 10

Denver at Buffalo – The Bills do have a great defense. However, Denver has a lot of weapons. Donkeys 27, Bills 14

Seattle at Tennessee – Seattle has scored exactly 21 points through 2 games. Not good enough to match this outfit. Titans 23, Seahawks 20

Cincinnati at Green Bay – You would think Cincy has a good enough defense to get through that Swiss cheese offensive line. Not sure if it will do so enough times. Packers 30, Bangles 13

Kansas City at LA Chargers – This would be the Who Cares Game of the Week except that everyone will be checking to see if more than 15,000 people show up, and how many of them will be wearing red. This Chargers team is just like the Clippers when that team relocated from San Diego. So that’s what I will call them until they return to relevancy. Chiefs 34, Clippers 13

Oakland at Washington – Looks like the Raiders are back to form with a healthy Carr. The Skins have a ton of questions. Raiders 26, Redskins 17

Dallas at Arizona (Mon) – Dallas looked great 1 week and awful the next. Bruce’s head looked huge both weeks. The Cards looked awful both weeks. Cowboys 26, Bruce’s Ego 13

New Orleans at Carolina – The Saints showed no life against a middle-of-the-road Vikings team and got blown out of their own building by a wounded Patriots team. With Houston and Florida now digging themselves out from catastrophic hurricanes, people should no longer be picking Saints games through the “but I feel so sorry for the Katrina victims” lenses. This team is awful. Drew Brees is NOT throwing for 500 yards and 5 TDs against this defense. Olsen is gone but there are enough weapons to do just enough while the D continues to carry the day. PANTHERS 19, Saints 10

Last week’s record: 13-3
Season: 20-11