It’s interesting times here in the southeast US. The hurricane is coming, and fortunately, no NFL games appear to be in its path. So we should have the games as a respite from the doom and destruction. We also have corrections from week 1 overreactions – you know, overreactions like “Fire Matt Patricia,” “Jets to the Super Bowl,” “The Steelers are as bad as the Browns,” “Khalil Mack makes the Bears title contenders,” and “the Saints are finished.” Let’s see if we can take a calm, measured approach to the games.

Baltimore at Cincinnati – Neither team is as good as they looked in week 1. The Ravens D might be a bit overlooked, as everyone was busy wondering if Lamar Jackson was going to steal the QB job. Cincy looks to be better than last year, but still not enough to challenge for the division. Ravens 23, Bangles 17
Cleveland at New Orleans – Cleveland didn’t lose in the monsoon. New Orleans looked putrid on defense. Again, overreaction would think this is a spot for an upset. Reasonable reaction is that Cleveland is better, but New Orleans still has a lot on offense. Aints 34, Brownie Troop 13
Houston at Tennessee – New City vs Old City. Neither looked particularly sharp last week. Marcus Mariota is hurting. Edge to New City. New Oilers 21, Old Oilers 17
Indianapolis at Washington – So maybe the team from DC is pretty decent. Peterson looks like he’s found a new home. Neck Beard is back, but he doesn’t look like the Best Quarterback Of All Time that he was billed to be from his second year of college through 2015. Dead-skins 28, Dolts 21
Kansas City at Pittsburgh – Big Ben had better pick it up, and quick, if his squad hopes to hang with this powerful offense, even though it appears they have their new RB. Chiefs 37, Steelers 31
LA Chargers at Buffalo – Have we seen this before? Oh, yeah, we have. Last year in the soccer stadium. McDermott sent out Nathan Peterman, who threw 5 picks in the first half. At least McDermott has the sense to start rookie Josh Allen this week. Allen is not NFL-ready, so the results might be similar. But at least it’s a promising rookie that just needs to learn the ropes. Clippers 31, Buffalo, NC 10
Miami at NY Jets – New York seems to have found its QB, who recovered from a pick-6 very nicely. I’m still not too sure about Miami’s offense. I’m not ready to anoint anyone yet, but things are looking up for the green guys. J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 28, Fish 23
Minnesota at Green Bay – Rodgers is a good QB. He’s not the deity people keep insisting he is. This is a terrific defense he’s going against. They don’t even need the horn. Vikings 27, Packers 20
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay – Impressive game for Tampa in week 1. The Eagles D is significantly better. Tampa is better, but not this much better. Eagles 20, Bucs 17
Arizona at LA Rams – Arizona looked awful in week 1. They’re going to have to turn things over to their savior young QB sooner rather than later. Rams 38, Cards 7
Detroit at San Francisco – It would take a lot of work for the Lions to be worse than they were in week 1. Frisco is not the doormat they were 1 year ago today, but they’ve still got holes to fill. I don’t think the Lions can fully exploit them. 49ers 27, Lions 16
New England at Jacksonville – Probably the game of the week. NE has re-tooled their offense again, and it’s good again. The Jags defense could be historic. I think being at home gives them a very slight edge. Jags 28, Patriots 27
Oakland at Denver – What in the world happened to the Raiders? Two years ago they won 12 games, last year they fell off a cliff and now they gave away their best defender. This is going to get ugly quickly, and Chucky really doesn’t know how much work there is to be done before the Vegas relocation. Donkeys 33, Raiders 10
NY Giants at Dallas – These teams see both of their matchups every year given national audiences. Why? Neither one has been a serious title contender for years. If you have insomnia, put this game on your phone, put your phone on your bedside table, and start watching. When you wake up Monday morning and realized you had been put in a coma before halftime, you’ll have the best Monday you’ve had in years. Cowgirls 19, Little People 16
Seattle at Chicago – We didn’t really learn much about these squads in week 1, other than Chicago’s D is better with Mack but the secondary can still be toasted, and Seattle does have a weaker defense but Rusty can still sling it pretty good. Home field provides the edge. Bears 23, Seahawks 21
Carolina at Atlanta – Injuries continue for the Panthers. While the Atlanta D is, in my opinion, weaker than last year with Dontari Poe coming to the Panthers, I think it will have some success getting to Cam. The Atlanta receivers are also much better than the Dallas unit, which could spell trouble for our young secondary. A little too much adversity for us to overcome. Falcons 34, Panthers 13
Last week’s record: 10-6