Denver coach Vic Fangio has a radical idea – eliminate divisions and just have two 16-team conferences. You would play every team in your conference and 1 team from the other conference. This is in response to the likelihood that Dallas or Philly will get into the playoffs at 8-8, because they will have won the division, while Chicago or the Rams will win 9 games and miss a wild card spot. Even worse, in many minds, is that the NFC East winner will host a playoff game. We went through this in 2014 when the Panthers won the NFC South with a 7-8-1 record. Fangio’s idea is innovative and interesting, although I’m sure the NFL won’t go for it. Too much money to be had in having 2 games between arch-rivals every year instead of one.

Houston at Tampa Bay (Sat) – Tampa is finally showing offensive life, the specialty of their egomaniac coach. But against a team fighting for a playoff spot? They won’t win that track meet. Texans 38, Yuck-aneers 34 

Buffalo at New England (Sat) – Buffalo is finally good enough to beat them, but I think they’ll still find a way to come up short. Patriots 20, Buffalo, NC 14 

LA Rams at San Francisco (Sat) – This is going to be another track meet, with the anger of last week’s collapse motivating the home team. 49ers 33, Rams 27 

Cincinnati at Miami – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Fish Carcasses 17, Bangles 13 

NY Giants at Washington – A battle for draft position. Dead-skins 24, Little People 21 

Baltimore at Cleveland – There’s a lot of regret among Browns fans. The team appears to be reverting to its usual discord, as reports have surfaced that several players told Cards players last week, “come get me.” This could get pretty ugly. Ravens 35, brownie troop 16 

New Orleans at Tennessee – If you live in Nashville, you have to be thinking, “How did we lose to that crappy Panthers team?” That’s slightly less depressing than this game will be. Aints 34, Titans 10 

Pittsburgh at NY Jets – NY was on a little bit of a roll there for a while, but they’ve settle back into being rotten. Steelers 27, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 13 

Jacksonville at Atlanta – Both had spectacular last-second upset wins last week. Neither team is all that good, but the nod goes to the home team. Falcons 23, Jags 17 

Detroit at Denver – The WCGotW, 2nd Edition. Donkeys 24, lion cubs 10 

Oakland at LA Chargers – The crowd will probably be 75% Raiders fans. Next year when they are in Vegas, jilted Raiders fans will put 60,000 fans in the new LA stadium for this game. Kinda sucks to be a Charger. Fakers 23, Clippers 21 

Arizona at Seattle – Pete Carroll’s guys are on a roll, and the newest young offensive guru won’t slow them down. Seahawks 30, Cards 20 

Dallas at Philadelphia – If you’re a Dallas fan, you have to be frustrated by the incredibly average coach, who keeps saving himself with late-season winning streaks. Looks like he’s going to do it again. Cowboys 27, Eagles 21 

Kansas City at Chicago – The Chicago coach welcomes the offense he used to coach to town. By halftime, he’ll be muttering, “Oh, so THAT’S what my offense is supposed to do.” Chiefs 37, Bears 23 

Green Bay at Minnesota (Mon) – Very big matchup. Green Bay is the better team, but they don’t have a huge, obnoxious horn. Minnesota does. Norwegians 27, Packers 24 

Carolina at Indianapolis – Will Grier gets his first start. Colts looked awful against New Orleans. What better way to heal your wounds than with a team with a QB playing his first real NFL minutes. Horses 34, panthers

Last week’s record: 10-6

Season: 141-83