There are 3 weeks left in the regular season. It’s tough to get motivated if you’re in my shoes. The Panthers have lost 5 in a row and have no hope of winning another game, and I missed the fantasy football playoffs by one game, and I lost one game earlier this year by less than 1 point. Ugh. Well, let’s see if we can at least have some success predicting what will happen in the real games.

NY Jets at Baltimore (Thu) – Hey, look, NY is up to 5 wins. This game will be a stern reminder of how far they have to go. Ravens 40, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 10 

Chicago at Green Bay – The Bears have risen from the dead. Unfortunately for them, they rose just in time to face the second-best team in the NFC. Packers 28, bear cubs 17 

Denver at Kansas City – Denver was fortunate enough to get a Houston team that was still reveling in beating New England, and it looks like they finally have a real QB. They also get another team that just beat New England, but this one is much more high-octane and better coached. No dice on two in a row. Chiefs 31, Donkeys 23 

Houston at Tennessee – The battle of teams that have both lived in Houston. New Houston gets to go on the road to play a team that switched gears when it went to the backup QB. I do think they have a little more to offer on offense. New Oilers 27, Old Oilers 24 

Miami at NY Giants – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Fish Carcasses 19, Little People 16 

New England at Cincinnati – “We’re on to Cincinnati” was a punchline a few years back, and now NE has again been caught taping the upcoming opponent’s practices. Fortunately for them, they could run the backup QB, the ball inflator, and a staff of equipment room geeks and still beat this team. Patriots 40, Bangles 6 

Philadelphia at Washington – Phily is doing everything it can to refuse delivery of the NFC East title, even when it’s Jason Garrett wearing the FedEx uniform and knocking on the Lincoln Field door. They tried to lose to NY last week, but couldn’t do it. They’ll try to lose to Washington too, but I don’t think they’ll complete the deal. eagle chicks 20, Dead-skins 13 

Tampa Bay at Detroit – WCGotW version 2. Yuck-aneers 27, lion cubs 10 

Cleveland at Arizona – Probably too late for Cleveland to get a playoff spot, but they’re still in the hunt for a winning record, which doesn’t happen very often there. Browns 27, Cards 23 

Jacksonville at Oakland – WCGotW version 3. Fakers 26, Jags 13 

Atlanta at San Francisco – Pretty nice win for SF last week in an epic contest. Now they get an Atlanta team whose won-loss record is artificially inflated by 2 games against the Panthers. 49ers 37, Falcons 17 

LA Rams at Dallas – With 10 days rest for this one, Dallas should be rested and motivated. But the Rams are finally starting to wake up. Coaching might be the difference here. Rams 28, Cowboys 21 

Minnesota at LA Chargers – LA had fun against the Jags last week, but this is a different beast. The road team always out-draws LA at home. I wonder if someone is bringing that obnoxious horn with them. Norwegians 38, Clippers 13 

Buffalo at Pittsburgh – Glad this one got flexed to Sunday night. I’ve somewhat adopted Buffalo as my second team this year. Somehow, Pittsburgh keeps winning games it probably shouldn’t win. Something tells me it happens again this week. Steelers 24, Buffalo, NC 20 

Indianapolis at New Orleans (Mon) – Indy has been good, but they won’t be able to shut down this offense long enough. Dang it. Aints 38, Horses 24 

Seattle at Carolina – So much for rallying around the interim coach. Rashad Penny may be out for the year, but that just means Carson gets all the 250 rushing yards for himself (unless he offers some to Russell Wilson). This will get very ugly, very quickly. No hope for my team. Seahawks 37, panthers

Last week’s record: 10-6

Season: 131-77