It’s Thanksgiving week, which means the byes are finally finished. I really wish the NFL would just make the byes by division starting in week 4 (AFC North one week, NFC West the next, etc.) through week 11. This keeps division foes on an equal schedule, keeps 14 games going every week, and is more fantasy-friendly, which the NFL should care about since so many billions are spent on it every year. On to the games.

Chicago at Detroit (Thu) – We start with a game that those of us doing the cooking will not really miss. Probably just as boring as the first one these 2 played. bear cubs 20, lion cubs 13 

Buffalo at Dallas (Thu) – Much tastier second helping. Dallas seems to struggle against aggressive defenses, but they usually out-perform themselves on Thanksgiving. Cowboys 23, Buffalo, NC 21 

New Orleans at Atlanta (Thu) – The problem with scheduling division games two weeks apart is that the heavily-favored loser has the loss so fresh in its memory. Not good. Aints 34, Falcons 17

Green Bay at NY Giants – The New York GM isn’t doing nearly as well as he was in his last GM job. Wonder how long he and the coach will stick around. Packers 31, Little People 10 

NY Jets at Cincinnati – Don’t look now, but NY is killing off its chances for a super-high draft pick. The trend down the draft board continues. J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 28, Bangles 10 

Oakland at Kansas City – I think the Raiders were feeling themselves last week. Even if they’re properly humbled now, the KC offense won’t help them feel better. Chiefs 35, Fakers 21 

Philadelphia at Miami – It’s really hard to tell if Philly is any good. A win here won’t answer many questions. Eagles 20, Fish Carcasses 9 

San Francisco at Baltimore – Best matchup of the day. Lamar Jackson is on a roll that even the stingy Frisco defense will struggle to stop. Ravens 27, 49ers 20 

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Yuck-aneers 21, Jags 20 

Tennessee at Indianapolis – Two more inconsistent teams. As is often the case, such matchups favor the home team to stink less. Horses 19, Titans 13 

LA Rams at Arizona – If LA has recovered from that steamrolling, this should produce a lot of points. Rams 33, Cards 28 

Cleveland at Pittsburgh – Hopefully no brawl breaks out this time. Pittsburgh looks really sluggish and benched the 2nd-string QB for the 3rd-string QB last week. Cleveland seems to have found some offense again. Browns 28, Steelers 14 

LA Chargers at Denver – Not much better than the first Turkey Day game. Clippers 20, Donkeys 10 

New England at Houston – One of those classic “teacher vs student” matchups. I hope for some social media one-liners. Remember O’Brien at Penn State lamenting his kicker would have to hear trash-talk in the coming week on “Space Book and Tweeter”? And after Antonio Brown’s Snapchat video talking junk, Belichick saying, “I’m not on Snap Face or any of those.” Probably more entertaining than the game. Patriots 30, Texans 16 

Minnesota at Seattle (Mon) – Very nice matchup to wrap up the long weekend. Both teams are probably wild cards, but definitely playoff caliber. Give the edge to the home team that doesn’t have to hear that crazy horn. Seahawks 27, Norwegians 24 

Washington at Carolina – Rumors are swirling that the owner is going to clean house once we don’t make the playoffs. A mistake, if you ask me. The issue is a putrid offensive line. Fortunately, we have a JV team in this week to make us feel better. PANTHERS 26, Dead-skins 17 

Last week’s record: 10-4

Season: 113-63