My apologies for the light blogging recently. I had my weight loss surgery on Tuesday, which I’ll explain a lot more in future posts. That liquid diet I was on must have helped, as I had my best week of picking last week. Let’s see how it goes this week.
Washington at Dallas (Thur) – Not only is Zeke out, so is their best defender, Sean Lee. That will be too much to overcome. Dead-skins 23, Cowboys 17
Denver at Miami – Denver is a shambles, Miami has underachieved. Not a fun game to watch. Fins 19, Donkeys 10
Houston at Tennessee – Houston has fought admirably with their 3 best players on IR. But it’s getting to be too much to overcome. Titans 31, Texans 13
New England at Buffalo – Given up for dead, the Buffalo, NC Bills came back and took out a division leader. This, however, is a different class of division leader. Pats 27, Bills 16
Detroit at Baltimore – That Ravens D really is very good. Detroit would do well to try to get a running game going, but this is a bad matchup for them. Ravens 24, Lions 14
Minnesota at Atlanta – The birds offense is rounding into form, but they haven’t seen a defense like this. No, this is NOT picking with my heart. Norwegians 28, Falcons 17
San Francisco at Chicago – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Bear cubs 21, 49ers 20
Indianapolis at Jacksonville – Jax was laying eggs every other week at the start of the year, then they had a nice hot streak before laying another one last week. I don’t think it continues. Jags 23, Dolts 10
Kansas City at NY Jets – KC is reeling. The Jets have answered their coach’s call for maximum effort. They nearly gave this Panther fan an ulcer last week. Upset Special. Jets 26, Chefs 21
Tampa Bay at Green Bay – The Pack seems to be pulling itself together, while the other Bay seems to be falling apart. Packers 24, Yuk-aneers 13
Cleveland at LA Chargers – Well, this is a quicker turnaround than the other San Diego to LA relocation Josh Gordon’s return gives Cleveland fans a reason to tune in. Clippers 34, brownie troop 14
LA Rams at Arizona – I hope nobody in the desert got their hopes up last week. This is going to be very ugly. Rams 38, Bruce’s Ego 10
NY Giants at Oakland – Of the 400 things wrong with the Giants, the dumb coach has decided to bench the still-able quarterback. This franchise is now the laughingstock of the NFC. Raiders 23, little people 6
Philadelphia at Seattle – You would think this Philly run would end sometime. With big chunks of the LOB out with injury, this isn’t the week. Eagles 30, Seahawks 20
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (Mon) – If it’s the Steelers-Bengals, there will probably be some personal foul penalties and maybe some ejections. And another result just like the last 100. Steelers 34, Bangles 21
Carolina at New Orleans – So the Saints D can be had. My guys need a whole lot more consistency on offense to do it. I’m not sure we’re there yet. Aints 31, Panthers 28.
Last week’s record: 12-4

Season: 102-74