Funniest story of the week: FOX is once again getting all gimmicky and whatnot, signing Greg Olsen to help broadcast a game during the Panthers bye week. He will be doing what may be the game of the week, Rams – Vikings. Then, the Vikings GM starts whining about this giving the Panthers a competitive advantage for their game in Charlotte in week 14. The problem with this complaint is that Olsen is going into the booth cold – he is going to no production meetings, watching no practices, and not sitting in on the player interviews. He’s just going to walk into the booth on Sunday morning and throw “active player” commentary around during the game. It appears that GM Rick Spielman has not yet been introduced to the DVR and NFL Sunday Ticket. Any Panther player or coach could use these two tools to get the exact same info that Olsen will be getting on the Vikings in this game. I have been seeing Vikes fans calling for a new GM on the internet for years. I think I now understand why. On to the games.


Tennessee at Pittsburgh (Thur) – Big Ben said these TNF games should be trashed. I agree. These are 2 good teams, but the game will be ugly and at least 2-3 players will be helped off the field. Jerry is right; RG1 should not get a contract extension. Steelers 19, Titans 16

Baltimore at Green Bay – The Who Cares Game of the Week. Cotton-ball packers 23, little black birds 17

Washington at New Orleans – Unfortunately, my Panthers will not gain ground on the division leaders during their bye week. Aints 41, Dead-skins 17

Tampa Bay at Miami – The week 1 matchup of Bucs & Fins is finally here. Unfortunately, both teams have dropped into the abyss since the hurricane blew through. Fish 20, Yuck-aneers 13

Jacksonville at Cleveland – Jax tried as hard as they could to give away last week’s game, but won anyway. This week, they get a nice breather that pretty much qualifies as a bye week. Jags 26, brownie troop 9

LA Rams at Minnesota – Yeah, we all knew this was going to be a battle for the #2 seed, right? It’s a classic “something’s gotta give” game, with a prolific offense against a stellar defense. The home field, with that obnoxious horn, probably makes the difference. Norwegians 27, Rams 21, Conspiracy Proof 0

Arizona at Houston – Watching these QBs will be Exhibit A in Collin Kaepernick’s collusion hearing. I don’t like CK, but he may have a case with these awful QBs. Bruce’s Ego 14, Texans 13

Detroit at Chicago – Bears fans, we feel ya. We had to endure 9 years of John Fox. At least you’ll be rid of him after only 3 years. Lions 33, bear cubs 17

Kansas City at NY Giants – I am surprised the Giants allowed Ben McAdoo to get on the plane after last week’s game. Of course the owners are paralyzed by “we’ve never done that before” philosophy. Chiefs 43, little people 7

Buffalo at LA Chargers – If the Bills were reading their own press clippings and got complacent, that shouldn’t be a problem now. Playing a joke of a franchise should be a nice salve for them. Bills 23, Clippers 20

New England vs Oakland (Mexico City) – Speaking of teams that have dropped into the abyss, the Raiders have as well. No team has under-achieved so spectacularly. Patriots 44, Raiders 21

Cincinnati at Denver – Like Rams-Vikings, we all knew this game was for a high draft pick position, right? More spectacular under-achievers. Donkeys 23, Bangles 16
Philadelphia at Dallas – Even if Zeke were playing in this one, I’d still go with the hottest team in the league. Eagles 37, Cowboys 21

Atlanta at Seattle (Mon) – Atlanta saved their season by beating Dallas. They need to save it again this week with the Saints playing an inferior opponent. The LOB has a bunch of injuries, but they still have their linebackers, which will help stifle the running game, and home field helps as well. Jesus Juice Drinkers 24, Falcons 21

BYE WEEK at Carolina – Sometimes the bye comes at the worst possible time, others the best possible time. This year it’s the latter for my guys. It will be a stress-free football day, other than the Saints winning again. Panthers 0, BYE WEEK 0
Last week’s record: 11-3
Season: 83-63