It certainly has been an interesting season. We had a guy quitting in the middle of a game, and a guy flipping off his own sideline. Earl Thomas wants to be a Cowboy so bad he’s trying to get thrown off his current team. If I’m the Cowboys, I’m drastically decreasing what I’m offering for him. If I’m Seattle, I’m torturing him by not trading him. Maybe Eric Reid will call him with protesting advice. Meanwhile, there are some games coming up.
Indianapolis at New England – I’m sure the NFL suits put this schedule together thinking Indy would be back with Neck Beard’s return, setting up another classic between these former division rivals. There’s one problem – Indy has no defense, and very few weapons for the Captain to throw to. This will be over very quickly. Patriots 44, Dolts 17
Atlanta at Pittsburgh – Two of media’s darling teams are both under .500 in divisions with 3-1 teams that are probably going to be 4-1 at day’s end. In other words, the loser is cooked. Atlanta’s defense is down (I CALLED THAT DURING THE SUMMER!!) but Big Ben isn’t lighting people up like he used to. I’d just as soon see Atlanta get buried, but I don’t think I’m going to get that lucky. Falcons 26, Steelers 23
Baltimore at Cleveland – With 1 or 2 plays going the other way each week, the Browns could be 4-0. But that’s what separates good teams from bad ones – the ability to finish. I’m expecting another tough lesson for them this week. Ravens 24, Brownie Troop 17
Denver at NY Jets – It’s the return of the Who Cares Game of the Week. Donkeys 23, J-E-T-S jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets jets 13
Green Bay at Detroit – This should be a win for the home team. But the other team’s QB has a thing for last-second miracles, especially in this place. Packers 30, Lions 27
Jacksonville at Kansas City – This should be the best game of the weekend. Can the super-stud defense stop the super-stud new QB? If so, can the “other” offense do enough against the “other” defense? I enjoyed watching former Auburn player Dee Ford destroy the Donkeys last Monday. I think that is the difference here. Chiefs remain unbeaten. Chiefs 24, Jags 20
Miami at Cincinnati – So which is real, the first 3 Miami games or the last one? My bet is on the latter, especially with a prolific offense, which is still prolific even without Tyler Eifort. Bangles 31, Fish 16
Tennessee at Buffalo – This one is the runner up for WCGOTW. It’s only not because there’s the possibility of the rare NFL shutout. Titans 19, Buffalo, NC 3
Oakland at LA Chargers – At least Gruden is fully aware he has no defense. Next step in the 12-step program is to admit trading Mack was abject stupidity. This game might help him. Clippers 38, Fakers 13
Arizona at San Francisco – It appears that SF has a competent backup. He should get the better of the rookie this round. 49ers 24, Cardinals 14
LA Rams at Seattle – However much Jesus Juice Russell Wilson has on hand, he will need more. Rams 37, Seahawks 10
Minnesota at Philadelphia – A compelling game if for no other reason than to see which of these middle-of-the-road teams takes a step back toward the top of the pile where they both expected to be. You would expect the home team. Upset Special. Vikings 20, Eagles 17
Dallas at Houston – Between last week’s magic act and this week’s woodshed job, those annoying fans are going to start squawking again. They’ll get shut up next week. Cowgirls 41, Texans 10
Washington at New Orleans – Can a well-rested ‘Skins squad slow down the once-again-powerful offense? Sure would help my team a lot. Again, I don’t think I’m going to get that lucky. Aints 37 Dead-skins 21
NY Giants at Carolina – The media, always ready for any New York narrative, are pushing the “G-men to rally & get their GM some revenge!” story line. Problem with that is, the team doesn’t have enough players. The O-line is still terrible, the defense still looks like Swiss cheese and Eli Manning is still 137 years old. With Eric Reid on board to shore up the secondary, the front 7 should make life miserable for Eli & company. Home team pulls away after halftime. PANTHERS 33, Little People 14
Last week’s record: 9-6
Season: 36-27