Two things I hate: deliberate lying and hypocrisy.

The second one is easier, so I’ll go with that one first. I keep seeing/hearing people say the President “needs to grow up and get off Twitter” and “when Twitter is the main form of communication, we should be scared to death.” Most of the people screaming he needs to get off Twitter are people with Twitter accounts. If you have a Twitter account, you have no right to tell anyone else not to use it.

I don’t see what Twitter itself has to do with anything anyway. If you want to scrutinize what he says on Twitter, no problem – and some of the stuff he says there deserves to be mocked. Twitter is just a vehicle that can be used or misused like anything else. There’s nothing inherently righteous about social media, printed publications, radio broadcasts or any other means of communication. Just because a particular means of communication doesn’t suit you, that doesn’t make that means of communication more or less evil than anything else. So let’s dispense with all this outrage over him using Twitter. Concentrate on what is being said. He has serious Foot-In-Mouth Disease. Problem is, his version of the disease isn’t anywhere near as entertaining as the version Joe Bidenopolis has. The 2020 campaign will be fun.

Lying is a bad thing, but most of us are guilty of it at least from time to time. I just hate people who make it a regular part of their daily routine. People who blindly support the current and most recent Presidents are some of the most disturbing. I saw an anti-Trump post on social media that said, “what we need is a President that doesn’t lie.” I stated that this group of people that were in this comment thread believed that Obama never lied. Another person chimed in, “he was never under investigation like the current President.” I suppose the responses to the terrorist attack in Libya in 2012 (that it was a knee-jerk response to a YouTube video, when everyone knew it was an attack weeks in the planning) and the routine harassment of non-profit groups that hold conservative ideologies from 2010-14 don’t count as him being under investigation. Sensing a lost cause, I bowed out of the conversation. I believe that some people that have the same ethnic background as Obama simply cannot accept that he has any flaws or has made any mistakes. When confronted with any possible flaw or mistake on his part, these folks usually just brand the questioner as a racist, deny that the flaw or a mistake is a flaw or mistake, or respond with some way to excuse it as not his fault.

Why would anyone feel this way? Of course the historical significance of his presidency is about as big as anything can be, considering what has transpired throughout history to people of his ethnic background. That can never be diminished, nor should it be. But I think part of it is the influence of the media. When you consider the 5 oldest broadcast networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN & Corp. for Public Broadcasting), along with all of the 50 largest newspapers and publications (such as NY Times and Time magazine), the writers and decision-makers are almost entirely registered Democrats. They have a professional obligation to put aside their personal feelings and report objectively. But almost none of them do. When the name of anyone not a Democrat comes up on the teleprompter, you can visibly see the hatred form in their faces. These people genuinely believe if you are not Democrat, you are evil, and you evil must be eradicated from the Earth.

I have learned to pick my battles. Note my example above, where I was debating with Obama supporters on his track record. It took only a few posts on that thread for me to realize there was no convincing these people that Obama was anything other than the GOAT and perfect, completely free of any error or wrongdoing, so I stopped arguing. I certainly don’t agree with their stance, but they weren’t open to any other ideas, so I just let them be. We really need more willingness to let others have their opinions, no matter how ridiculous they seem to those holding other opinions. We also need more of people with strong opinions being willing to listen to other opinions, and see if there is a common ground. If not, let it go. If so, work it out.

I’ve said numerous times I agree with the current President on some things, but not others. I’m delighted to see him get rid of the “normalization” of relations with Cuba. These efforts did nothing for the Cuban people, and were quite insulting to almost every Cuban-American I know and heard from. With 90% of every dollar we spend on anything Cuban going to Castro and his military minions, I don’t think we should deal with them. I’ve heard all the whining about how this stance is worse for Cuban citizens who roll cigars or make whatever else we might buy, removing revenue from their pockets. But again, 90% of that revenue is stolen from them by the Communist leaders. We shouldn’t deal with Communists. Communism is evil. I know there are a lot of Democrats & Republicans who think the other one is evil, but Communism really is. You think we have an income inequality in capitalism? Yes, we do. But it’s far worse under Communism. Bernie Sanders and his ilk complain that 1% of Americans hold 20% of the wealth, and the very poorest are on the brink of starvation. Well, in Communism, 0.01% of the population (the ruling political class) holds 99% of the wealth, and about 50% of the population is on the brink of starvation.

On the other hand, I hate the President’s fixation on the probe on Russian interference in the election. We have long known that Russia hacked into the Democrat National Committee’s computers and other US infrastructure, mainly to prove that they can, and if they want to rig things here, they could if they wanted to. But I believe that’s all there is to it. No evidence has surfaced that Russia attempted to change any actual votes. The Democrat Party shills in traditional media are keeping this alive just because they hate the President. But the President isn’t doing himself any favors by joining in on the fixation. I have a personal saying: If you aren’t guilty, don’t act like it. If someone accuses you of something you know you didn’t do, state your case. If the accuser continues the accusation despite evidence of your innocence, you go on your merry way and let the accuser dig his/her own grave. But if you respond to every succeeding accusation or statement, you’re going to look guilty, even if you aren’t. The fact that he responds to every news story about the investigation makes him look guilty of something. My personal opinion is that his coziness with Russia doesn’t pass the smell test, but I don’t think there is anything illegal that happened. I would much rather see him focus on tax reform, real healthcare reform (not that hot garbage that passed in the House), and for God’s sake, stop it with the damn border wall!

Let’s take care of the most important issues now and let others wait until later. The biggest issue now? Getting more Libertarians on every US ballot.