I wonder what it’s like to be bored. I’ve heard of the concept, but I certainly don’t get to experience it these days.

With the major changes in my wife’s health, and me getting ready to leave the corporate world in favor of life as a business owner, things are plenty active. Things took a turn for the worse on Wednesday, as my 95-year-old maternal grandmother died after a bout with pneumonia. She was my last grandparent.

This was not a shocking event; she was 95 after all. But there is always some hurt. I have been criminally distant from my mom’s family all of my adult life – nothing malicious, I’ve just always run in different circles from my mother’s sisters and their kids, my cousins. The last time I saw them was in 2003 when my grandfather died at age 82. I have much tighter bonds with my family on Dad’s side. I really need to change that. So I’m trying to investigate ways to get to Ohio for the services – and hopefully lay the groundwork for better relationships with my cousins on that side.

Tomorrow is never promised – this has been made abundantly clear with 3 deaths in my church family in the last 5 months, none of them being people who were all that old (the oldest was 65). So I need to get busy doing better with people.

As I said, combining 3 church family deaths, a major injury to the wife, weight loss surgery and weight loss, a major career change, and losing my last grandparent – all of this happening in a 5-month period – and the last word I can use to describe life is “boring.”

But I’m holding up well. The lesson from church last week provided great perspective. Abraham was told he would be the father of a great nation. But then, God called him to sacrifice his only child, Isaac. Now how could he become the father of a great nation if he was being asked to offer his son as a sacrifice on the altar? Similarly, how could a band of people be expected to believe that simply walking around a walled city for a week would make the walls cave in?

The answer is that God loves to take situations that make no sense whatsoever, and work miracles from them. I certainly find myself recently in situations that seem senseless. So if that’s where God makes great things happen, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.