One really doesn’t have the right to make fun of other people unless one can make fun of one’s self, and be able to take others doing the same to you. So let me air my qualifications to make fun of others. 😀

– As my swimming progresses, I’m spending more time at the deep end of the pool. This is extremely disturbing to my water-phobic wife, who took to Facebook to post on my timeline, “I love you so much, even though you go to the deep end of the pool, causing me much prayer and fasting.” Who responds to that post? My mother, who says, “That’s how I felt while he was growing up – much prayer!” Speaking of parental humor, the day before our wedding, at the end of the rehearsal, my father walked over to my bride-to-be and said, “You’re running out of time to get out of this.” With this kind of family love, it’s very hard for you to hurt my feelings.

– A video camera needed to be rolling earlier today. I was trying out a cookie recipe I got from a co-worker. First, you had to mix some ingredients in a saucepan, bring them to a boil and remove the mixture from heat before moving on. I was stirring everything with a wooden spoon. I put the spoon down to get another ingredient. The spoon was too close to the burner and caught fire. I got it out fairly quickly, and there was no damage beyond a ton of smoke. Leave it to me to French fry a wooden spoon. The wife says, “Are you sure you don’t just want to go get some Oreos?” Good one, Netta.

Generally speaking, I enjoy laughing and that includes laughing at myself. There are so many issues out there today that are either life-or-death or perceived to be life-or-death, and we certainly need to address the big issues. But we also need to have some fun. And for a clown like me, there is much fun to be had at laughing at what I see in the mirror every morning.