I don’t write about diet and nutrition  very much, but today I found some information that I thought people would want to know.

Leah McGrath, (on Twitter @LeahMcGrathRD), says in her Twitter bio that she’s a “wife, dog owner, omnivore dietitian, agvocate, public speaker, writer, founder of @BuildupRDNs ..nutrition with a side of humor.” She posted this in a couple of tweets, and I thought I’d share them here, because this is very good information.

There are SO many weight loss diets out there… Atkins, keto, cabbage soup, paleo, grapefruit diet … you may lose weight on any and all of them but that’s NOT the point..

  1. How will you FEEL while you are on these restrictive diets? Will you be constantly “hangry”? Will you have energy to work and to work out?
  2. Will you be able to enjoy social activities, or is the diet too restrictive?
  3. Is this a diet that you can maintain long term?
  4. Are you afraid you will you gain the weight back if you quit this diet?
  5. Are you constantly tempted to “cheat” on the diet, do you feel guilty if you do?

These are all signs of an unsustainable eating pattern. Meeting with a dietitian can help you develop eating habits that work.