Losers. Again.

My beloved Cleveland Indians were bounced from the American League playoffs with
a 5-3 loss to the Yankees. We won the first 2, then never showed up for the last 3.

This is the 2nd-biggest choke job in team history, topped only by the 1954 team, which went 111-43 in the regular season only to be swept in the World Series by the NY Giants, featuring the iconic catch by Willie Mays.

There was never any hope for me. When Didi Gregorius hit a solo homer in th first, I knew it was over. It takes a lit of time and effort to become the most jaded SOB on planet Earth, but I have the routine down pat now.

I hate New York, LA and Chicago anyway. I get so sick of the media acting like those are the only relevant cities in the US. NY is dirty, egotistical and lovers of socialism. The people are rude and obnoxious. Everything costs too much. I hate it, and all the sports teams too.

Next up on the heartbreak tour is Auburn football, followed by the Panthers, Charlotte 49ers men’s hoops and the Hornets. All will fall short and leave me in emotional torture, this year and every year until my dead body gets shoved into the furnace at the mausoleum.